Tsunami came we suffered but moved on, Floods came we overcame it, Vardha came we did not let it blow us away, now Corona is here let us do our bit by staying home, being aware and considerate and staying positive that this too shall pass.

Practice the following while everyone is facing the crisis together:


Don’t tell the Universe what you don’t want! Instead tell it what you want!

Affirmations for protection against Corona virus:

We will be well and we are going to face it with unity.

Everything is going to be fine
I have enough will power and my body has enough strength to fight against any disease.

I am blessed and will see through difficult times.
All is going to be well.
Don’t panic, be calm.

Affirmations are auto suggestions we give to ourselves.

Keep repeating these sentences after waking up and before going to bed.

Let us raise our vibrational levels,
What we focus on we grow.

Most importantly, please stop sharing any information on Covid on WhatsApp. Stop conversing about it all the time. It is all available everywhere if anyone wants to know.

Instead resolve today to do this. Keep the WhatsApp group clean. Let us delete all previous messages in the group and start fresh.

Share only

– How I spent my wonderful alone time today.

– One inspirational positive original thought that comes to your mind – not forward quotes, videos, pictures

– One or more act of kindness you did

– One thing you are grateful for right now right here

Just be Proactive.

A POCKET protocol

– Wash hands frequently with soap and water if possible

– Else at least use hand sanitizer

– Avoid touching your face frequently

– Stay at least 2 metres away when meeting strangers/ or possible affected individuals

– Bathe twice a day especially if you have been anywhere with lots of people

– Avoid touching stair banisters, lift buttons, door handles more than absolutely necessary/ can clean them with sanitizer but one may seem weird.

– Cover your mouth with tissue or handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

– Cloth hanky preferred as it can be washed

– Avoid closed spaces, A/C, Crowds eg Movie halls.

– Avoid using public toilets if possible Avoid contact with toilet seat in public places.

– Drink plenty of warm water 2-3L per day

– Don’t over exert physically Get enough rest and sleep.

– Eat immune rich foods – fruits and veggies with lots of colours, nuts and green leafy vegetables

– Avoid non vegetarian food though there is no real risk – it’s just that we know so little about this virus.

– Get out in the sunlight often.

– Take immune boosting supplements Vitamin C/Colostrum.


Pray for yourself, and for the world. Appeal to Mother Earth to forgive us for our foolishness and thank her for bringing us to our senses.


Article by Dr Pritika Chary
Senior Consultant Neurologist and Neurosurgeon
Kauvery Hospital