Women of Kauvery Hospital

Here’s an ode to the women of Kauvery Hospital who are strong pillars of support and leadership. Their contribution makes our organisation shine brighter.

Dr K Baranee Dharan, Senior Consultant Diabetologist

Dr K Baranee Dharan, Senior Consultant Diabetologist, Kauvery Hospital Chennai shares valuable insights regarding continuous glucose monitoring for Diabetes in Tamil. Watch the video to know more. #cbgm​ #continousbloodglucosemonitoring​ #Glucose​ #Glucosemonitoring

Hearing Awareness

On #WorldHearingDay​, Dr Deepika M Vijai shares valuable insights about hearing and the precautions one must take, for their ears. Watch this video to know more.

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai gets candid about his vision for making great healthcare affordable and how the mission of Kauvery Hospital Chennai is to make cutting-edge medical care accessible to all.