Snacking at Work

Munching on snacks while working is common these days, but watch what you are eating. It might lead to obesity if the snacks are bags of chips and samosas. Here are some great healthy options to carry to your office so that you can work without hunger pangs bothering you.

1. Bhel Puri: You can put one together easily with the ingredients available at home. You can skip the sev and potato but add some crispy onion and peanuts.

5. Oats biscuits: Top up on these biscuits and the multi grain varieties. Oreos and cream biscuits are tempting but indulge only occasionally especially if you follow a sedentary lifestyle. Oats has enough fibre and keeps hunger pangs at bay during long meetings.

6. Nuts: Have a bag of mixed nuts at your desk. Popping a handful of them gives you minerals, vitamins, proteins and unsaturated fat. Do not overdo this and do not fry them!

7. Fruits: A mixed bowl of fruits or just an apple or orange is a healthy option to keep your belly filled, till lunch time.

8. Dark chocolate: Reward yourself with one nugget of dark chocolate after a marathon 2 hours of continuous work.


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