Dreams are the building blocks of the ‘castles’ we build. Sadly, dreams often go awry and our castles come crashing down, creating a not-so-nice feeling that refuses to go away. That feeling is Stress, and, believe it or not, you have a killer on your hands!

Earlier, it was difficult to define Stress. Some people would define stress as an unpleasant situation, while others would view stress as anything that demands from them more than their means. But today, stress is well- defined; it can even be categorized and measured.


In general, humans are designed to deal with stress – physical, mental and emotional. Different people react to stress differently. We have a classic example in any random group students who are facing their final school or college exams – some really don’t want to face the situation while others are excited about the prospects that their good grades will hold. In between, we have a category who are indifferent and are just waiting for their exams to get over in order to enjoy.

A good percentage of adults across the globe suffer from the ill effects of Stress. It has been conclusively inferred that Stress is dangerous and must be controlled at the earliest.

Stress can bring about the production of cortisol and other stress hormones that help to deal with stress. Chronic or long-term exposure to cortisol can bring about headaches, high BP, chest pain, acidity, stomach ulcers, and depression, sleep related problems and other lifestyle related problems, including type-2 diabetes and sub-fertility. Stress can also worsen some of the existing health conditions in a person such as heart conditions, asthma, arthritis, skin conditions and depression .Some people take to smoking, substance abuse or alcoholism to tackle stress. This only helps to worsen the existing scenario.

There are several relaxation techniques that will calm you, slow your breathing and help you to relax. Yoga, meditation and listening to music are some of the time-tested methods of relaxation. But it’s also important to be kind to yourself, smile your stress away or, wind down by jotting your thoughts in a journal. It might be even better if you can talk to your friend about what is stressing you out! Another great stress-buster is to step out and breathe the fresh air. Regular walking or jogging can help to produce Endorphins which are chemicals that help to counter Stress.

Most important of all is to be in control of the situation that is causing the Stress. Understand the situation by approaching it in a level-headed manner. Remember, all problems on earth come with solutions. It is up to you to find them!