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Music Therapy may be a new concept in the West but is an age-old practice in Indian society. From lullabies that soothe, to melodious hymns that evoke devotion, to soulful songs that calm the person's mind, generations of Indians across class and region have explored the effect of music on the human mind.

There is enormous potential and power in the cosmic flow of sound. Astronauts have confirmed what ancient Indian sages said thousands of years ago - that outer space reverberates with the sound 'Om'. The sages meditated on this aspect of creation and developed techniques to harness this power. They devised specific tunes for chanting Vedic hymns which had distinct psychosomatic effects, or they affected the human body and mind positively.

Its common knowledge that Kings and Emperors all through India's glorious history have employed Indian classical singers who sang specific tunes at specific times of the day to either motivate the ruler or soothe his/her agitated mind. In fact, the healing power of music on the human body has been proven in scientific experiments involving Indian classical music.

Listen to Raga Anandha Bhairavi which is known to relieve hypertension, heal stomach ache and cure kidney ailments.


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