Endearing to Enduring but Then – Off Breast to Of Breasts

ஆண்களுக்கு மீசை எத்தனை கம்பீரமோ, அத்தனைக்கும் மார்பகங்கள் பெண்களுக்கு அலங்காரமும், கவர்ச்சியுமாகும். பெண்களின் உடலில் இருக்கும் உறுப்புகளில் அவர்களின் அதிக கவனிப்புக்கு உரிய உறுப்பாக இருப்பவை மார்பகங்கள்.


This is what I found in the internet (from Keetru), looking for something about breasts. I am not sure if anybody and certainly not I would like to think or give the “meesai” the same importance or appeal (read as sex appeal) as the breasts. Anyway, if either of these are well presented, it does have a “kavarchi” effect to it. Breasts however, are most noticeable. There is one difference though. Bigger and bigger “meesai” may have variable effects on noticeability, light hearted fun and ridicule, it never ever surely becomes a serious feature of physical, cosmetic, psychological, social and spiritual misfortune endured like the more than well-endowed or sometimes rather large breasts.

இயற்கையாகவே மார்பகங்கள் பெரியதாக அமையப்பெற்ற பெண்கள் அதனால் பெரும் அவஸ்தைப் படுவதுண்டு. சிறியதாக்க வேண்டும் என்று நினைக்கிறார்கள்.

So, from endearing to enduring – that’s the sad transformation, misfortune and silent suffering of some women who develop large breasts called as mammary hyperplasia.

An unfortunate woman shifts from endearing to endure various hardships during some of the best stages of her life. As a teenager, when there is so much going on and suddenly the breasts disobey the “stop growing” command, a natural phenomenon when the breast stops growing. This is a stage when the lady suffers what is called virginal hypertrophy. The breasts become gigantic. Imagine at the age of 15, 16 or 18, the breasts become so big that they cause a lot of pain and suffering. The poor girl does not have the courage nor the inclination and initiative to tell anybody. Going to school becomes a huge embarrassment with young prying eyes of fellow boys AND girls. Medical evaluation and careful diagnosis and sometimes surgery become the only remedy, a step in the right direction to get this young girl back to her life like any other kid.

Teenage Hypertrophy Reduction Breast Surgery – Pleasing Effect

Then, there are several grades of large breasts among the women before becoming pregnant, getting married or before breastfeeding the baby. This is becoming more and more common. This was not a phenomenon seen in India, but with western food habits, earlier onset of puberty and redundant lifestyle, it is becoming more and more common. In addition to the size, other serious symptoms crop up too.

The selection of appropriate bra is not taught and a wide range is not readily available. Inappropriate bra causes a feeling of tightness, bra strap digging into the shoulders and the back – a general sense of helplessness and misery prevails. We surgeons jokingly say a bra should “uplift the masses” and “support the downtrodden”. A bra has two components. The number, say 34, or 36 inches denotes the “chest, or the circumference of the thorax”. Alphabets like “B, C, D or a DD, (double D)”, denote the cup-size or the breast volume size. Some bras are wired. This may be useful for supporting the breast. Appropriate sports bras will also do the trick. These are manufactured for women athletes participating in vigorous sports. These give adequate support during competitive sports. When someone loses a lot of weight, the breasts tend to sag to the utter dissatisfaction of the person who has so painstakingly lost weight, not only in the rest of the body, but the breasts too. These have to be uplifted. Appropriate bra can be used. Plastic surgical correction called mastopexy gives a long lasting, pleasing and satisfying look to the patient and the surgeon alike.

Another significant and sacred stage in life is pregnancy and breastfeeding. Both take a toll on the breast. While some may escape the sagging and large growth of the breasts, some unfortunately become the victim of very large and sagging breasts. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise, dieting and other means tried, help. Putting on weight in general makes things worse. In addition to the feeling of tightness and bra-related issues, fresh problems arise. Pregnancy causes the ligaments to relax. Large breasts cause intractable neck and back pain. There is general feeling of misery. Some of them also have symptoms referred to the hands and the legs. These patients go to various allied specialities in search of cure, but are only sadly and sorely disappointed. Please do seek a plastic surgeon if you have large breasts and have an undiagnosed cause for this misery. Most patients during discussions “OF BREAST actually want to take OFF BREAST”. All would opt for a total removal considering the suffering they have gone through.

However, as plastic surgeons we have been able to convince them otherwise and have happily given them not only presentable and aesthetic-looking breasts but got rid of the other serious symptoms with which they present us.


A lady with immense suffering of neck, back, bra strap pain and mega difficulty getting the right bra and fitting her breasts “into” it.

Thus from “Endearing to Enduring and from discussing of breasts to Off breasts”, plastic surgeons make a paradigm shift from “taking OFF breasts to talking Of breasts”. One of the most grateful of patients are breast reduction patients. It may sound strange but some of them have had suicidal tendencies and some have contemplated to do so too. So, this is a life-saving treatment, a life changing treatment and not just for looks alone.


Prof V B Narayanamurthy FRCS (G)
Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon,
Kauvery Hospital Chennai