When the face slackens and the waist thickens
When the hair whitens and the knees weaken
Reading is a chore, the letters are a blur
Libido flags and the pelvis sags.

Faces flush and tempers flare
Tears gush and voices blare
The woman in me, where is she?
I hate you, I love you I hate me too.

I don’t know what to do
I know me not, this boo-hoo-hoo
Menopause they call it
Hormones will do it.

My sagging hips and shrinking tits
Oh dear I am just going to bits
My wrinkled neck and shrinking spine
I am anything but fine.

The prize ahead is freedom from PMT and pads
A life of my own I am able to lead
Travel, kitty parties and fun
The nest is empty, so I can run.

Reinvent myself and develop a new file
Of dress and makeup and lifestyle
For menopause is really not a sentence at all
But actually liberation that makes sense.

Dr. Prithika Chary-Dec-24-2015-12-50-31-Prithikachary

Poem by Dr. Prithika Chary
Senior Consultant Neurologist & Neurosurgeon & Chief Neurologist
Kauvery Hospital