the mirror, open your mouth and put out your tongue. Many people do not know that the colour and even the shape of your tongue can tell about your overall health. Check out these helpful tips about tongue health.

What a glossy raspberry Red Tongue mean:

When your tongue is read then you might be having Vitamin B12 deficiency or it might be an indication of low iron content in the body. Vegetarians you are more prone to this condition…so watch out!


What do Painless, White patches mean:

When too many cells grow in one area it causes white marks called Leukoplakai. Often this occurs due to accidental biting of the tongue while chewing food or constant rubbing of tooth by the tongue. Remember to see a dentist right away if you have white patches.

What do Painful Sores mean:

Stress causes sores on the tongue. If you are feeling weak after an illness this might also cause your tongue to erupt into canker sores. Usually these sores last for a week.

What do Wrinkles on tongue mean:

Did you know that your tongue also ages so wrinkles are a normal process of aging. But remember to brush your teeth regularly and maintain oral hygiene to avoid infections in a wrinkled tongue.

What does an uneven tongue mean:

14% of the population have a Geographic tongue meaning that it looks like rough, bumpy terrain. Doctors are of the opinion that this is due to the taste buds. If you have a geographical tongue and for some reason you have pain, see a doctor right away.

Article by Dr.S.Preethi, BDS, MBA (Health Care Management) Lead Executive – Medical Services, Kauvery Hospital