Greetings to all!

I am Dr Manivannan Selvaraj, founder and MD of Kauvery Hospitals. As we all know, the COVID-19 vaccination drive has been going on for more than a month now. Many healthcare professionals have been vaccinated and so have I. I have also received my second dose of vaccination 28 days after the first dose. I am aware that there is a general fear of vaccination among the public and hence I decided to pen down this note to allay fears and put to rest the rumours that claim vaccination is unsafe.


We have been observing the side effects after vaccination and we have found them to be very mild – at most low-grade fever or pain at the site of injection. I was lucky enough not to experience even these symptoms and was able to carry on with my daily tasks. All the other healthcare workers who were vaccinated are also safe; they were observed for an hour after vaccination and resumed work the very same day. So please rest assured – vaccination is completely safe.

I would also like to stress on the importance of the second dose of vaccination. Let me try to simplify this with a few real-life examples. When we leave our house, we always double-check and make sure we have locked our front doors properly so that our home and our belongings remain safe. Similarly, when doctors prescribe antibiotics, the full course has to be taken for the best results. In the very same way, getting a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will increase our immunity significantly.

My confidence has definitely been boosted thanks to the second dose of the COVID-19 booster vaccine.I urge all of you to get vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. By doing so you can protect yourselves and safeguard our country.

Thank you.

Dr. Manivannan Selvaraj
Founder & Managing Director
Kauvery Hospital