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1. Correct brushing - Use a soft bristled tooth brush, with a small head which can reach up to the last tooth in mouth. Brush twice daily. Avoid running the brush horizontally as it can wear tooth enamel leading to sensitivity.

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2. Watch out for bleeding gums - Streaks of blood while spitting out toothpaste may be earliest sign of gum disease. Visit your dentist for a complete check up and scaling.

3. Stop bad oral habits - Grinding of teeth, clenching, and nail biting can cause wearing of teeth leading to sensitivity. Using tobacco, alcohol consumption are leading causes of oral cancer .

4. Avoid in between meal snacks and sugary food and beverages - Snacks rich in sugars are consumed by oral bacteria producing acids leading to tooth decay. Carbonated beverages and sports drinks can erode away enamel and cause tooth sensitivity.

5. Eat healthy - A well balanced and nutrient rich meal with healthy dose of vegetables and fruits goes a long way in maintaining a healthy mouth.

6. Regular dental check up -Meet your dentist once every six months for early dental intervention when necessary.

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Article by Dr. Preeti.L.Anand, MDS.,PGCOI
Dental Surgeon, Implantologist & Consultant Oral Pathologist,
Kauvery Hospital


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