What is pain clinic and what is it exactly meant for?

Pain clinic is headed by a pain physician, who has specialized in pain medicine. Typically pain clinic is a place where we offer solutions for longstanding, uncontrollable pain.


How does this differ from other clinics?

As compared to others, pain physician offers combination of therapies such as medications, physical therapy and nerve blocks for management of pain.

Nerve blocks are unique to pain medicine, it helps to diagnose from where the pain originates and can provide instant pain relief. Furthermore, it encourages the patients to actively participate in physical therapy.

What are all the conditions that are treated in pain clinics?

Both acute and chronic pain conditions are managed in pain clinics. Generally acute pain like low back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain and cancer pain and other longstanding painful conditions like facial pain (trigeminal neuralgia), post herpetic neuralgias, complex regional pain syndrome, persistent postsurgical pain and neuropathic pain responds well with pain clinic management.

What are all the health care facilities available in our pain clinic?

At our pain clinic your therapy will be tailored to your specific needs, circumstances and lifestyle. Here we focus on the specific diagnosis and management of chronic pain with multidisciplinary approach.

Multidisciplinary team includes pain physician with other speciality doctors, physiotherapist and psychologist. Team approach strategy brings out, the active participation of the patients to manage their pain and their early recovery.

In recent days, apart from simple nerve blocks, Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) techniques in pain medicine gives promising results in back pain, uncontrolled neuropathic pain and cancer pain. The latest one was the introduction of Regenerative medicine, like PRP and BMAC injections in chronic pain management. Earlier it was used only in sports injury, but now it has been extensively used in chronic musculoskeletal painful diseases.

In our pain clinic all conditions are treated with nonsurgical methods on a day care basis.

What are all the benefits?

  • Nonsurgical pain management
  • Day-care based procedures
  • Safe for those unfit or unwilling for surgery
  • Effective and Economical
  • Image guided and precise
  • Early return to your daily routine

Article by Dr.Karthick Raja. V, MBBS, MD, DA, FIPM, CCIPM
Consultant Interventional Pain Physician
Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine
Kauvery Hospital

Special thoughts from the female work force of Kauvery for March 8th, Women’s Day.
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