1. Should All The Ligament Injuries Around The Knee Be Treated Surgically?

Knee is the strongest joint in the body and also the weakest structure. In order to get stability, it is supported by strong ligaments. If these ligaments fail or tear there will be instability and frequent falling. To get back your original stable knee joint it is better to get treated surgically in most of the cases.


2. Can I Get Treated Non-Surgically?

With partial tears and no instability, low-demand lifestyle or sedentary lifestyles above the age of 60 or in children the treatment goes more in favour of nonsurgical treatment.

3. How Many Ligaments Are There In The Knee And Which Is The Most Common Ligament Prone To Injury?

There are four ligaments in the knee. Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, medial and lateral collateral ligament. Anterior cruciate ligament injury is the most common ligament to get injured.


4. Will I Get Back My Normal Knee After Surgery?

Yes! Normal walk and getting back all functions is the primary aim of surgery. Regarding going back to sports, proper rehabilitation should be followed as per the doctor. At around 6 weeks you would be able to do almost all activities except sports and after 6 months sports activity can be resumed (football, cricket, etc.)


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5. Do You Use Any Implants Or Metals For The Surgery And Should It Be Removed After Some Time?

We use implants for surgery. Recent advanced implants are bio absorbable, they get absorbed in our body and a small titanium metal will be used. It can stay life long in our body.


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Q & A by Dr. K. Mukunth, MBBS, MS (Ortho), FIA (Ger), Exe.Hip.Fel (UK)
Consultant Orthopaedic, (Paediatric-SI) and Joint Replacement Surgeon
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai