Acute Illness Management (AIM) Workshop

Kauvery Hospital and the Kauvery Academy organised Acute Illness Management (AIM) workshops for the first time in India from February 1st to 4th 2016.

The workshops featured 7 international faculty members.

There were 2 types of workshops: A 3-day 'Train the trainer' workshop from 1-3 February as well as two 1-day AIM workshops on February 3 & 4.

The exclusive workshops were limited to 16 candidates each, who if deemed successful, will receive an International Certificate issued by the Greater Manchester Critical Care Network, UK.

Dr. Alan Stevens, Director of Institute and Critical Care Network, UK was a part of the international faculty and he took the opportunity to speak about assessment and management of acutely ill patients. He also spoke of the global reach of AIM training.

"One of the greatest challenges in clinical practice is the timely recognition of acutely ill patients and delays in recognition and initiation of appropriate therapy adversely affects patient outcomes. Acute Illness Management (AIM) training is an enormously successful UK based training programme that aims to provide systematic training for clinical staff in the assessment and management of acutely ill patients. AIM training is delivered in 94 NHS Hospitals in the UK and 2 UK Universities where pre-registered nurses, midwives and Physiotherapists are trained in AIM. AIM training is also delivered in hospitals in Canada and Africa."


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