World Kidney Day at Kauvery Kidney Centre, Trichy

Kauvery Kidney Centre of Kauvery Hospital, Trichy to commemorate the World Kidney Day, observed on March 9th worldwide, had organized a series of events like water bottle campaigns and a one-week Urology camp at Tennur Kauvery Hospital, for the public from 6th to 10th March 2017. A Radio Talk by Dr.N.Karthickeyan, Urologist, and Dr.T.Rajarajan Nephrologist of Kauvery Hospital, on raising awareness on kidneys was aired in the All India Radio. Radio Jingles were aired on a leading Fm channel, emphasizing the importance of maintaining proper kidney health. A Urology CME titled “Renal Update -2017”, focusing on obesity and renal disease will also be conducted on 19th of March at Trichy.

A Talk Show (Pattimandram) was conducted on 9th March 2017 at Devar Hall around 6.00 PM, by the renowned orator of international repute, Mr.Suki Sivam, on the topic “Who has the most concern for their health? Men! Or Women!” He displayed a splendid treat for the audience which was interactive, entertaining and also very educative. His scintillating performance had kept the audience of 500, completely spellbound throughout the program. He emphasized the need to adopt positivity in lifestyle and being cautious at the same time to prevent enormous diseases.  The human body is the temple where God resides, and the best service we can do to our body is to keep it hale and healthy. He also presented numerous facts and data pertaining to myths involved in the organ transplant. 

Along with the pattimandram, there was an interactive session with the public and the Doctors of Kauvery Hospital on various topics pertaining to general health, organ donation, and life after surgeries. Organ donors were especially honored in the occasion, for their humanity to help sustain a life. Organ donation is a gift from the medical science, which ensures an organ recipient to lead a normal life. One human can save more than ten needy recipients. 


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