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dr kavitha

Happy to reconnect with each one of you.

It’s overwhelming to see that our digital platform has reached out to so many, and has made our relationship stronger month after month.

As your partners in health care Kauvery, Hospitals has always focused on great health care services which can be affordable to all.

To bring this to fruition we are very happy to share the launch of our Family Health Care Centre, which houses primarily family physicians and all other specialists in a centre with all investigation modalities needed to render quick services.

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Bringing The Spotlight Back on Primary Care!


In a high-flying and fast-moving world, with access to an ocean of information on any subject under the sun with just the click of a button, we have seen a rise in several Google doctors, WhatsApp gurus and internet healers.

The information they seek may lead them to a Pandora’s box of medical terminologies and graphic images that will leave them overwhelmed, confused, and most of all anxious to the point that they may end up experiencing new symptoms that were not there in the first place.

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Early Diagnosis And Preventive Measures For Autism


Post lockdown, I see a number of parents in my OPD who bring their child with a delay in the social or language milestones. The one question that arises in these parents; minds is ‘Can my child have autism?’ Here, I try to discuss a few points related to autism- early diagnosis and prevention.

Autism is a lifelong non-progressive neurological disorder typically appearing before the age of 3. The word “AUTISM” refers to a developmental disability notably affecting verbal and non-verbal communication and social interaction. The symptoms are grouped from mild to severe and known as ‘autism spectrum disorder’ (ASD).


Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


Dr Suresh Venkita, our Group Medical Director, a senior cardiologist and an avid writer, has yet again shared this lovely story from his desk.

Catch Me If You Can

He is looking for a thief. This is no ordinary thief; this is a very intelligent, imaginative and innovative person who has successfully executed elaborate thefts internationally yet evaded capture, time and again, across the globe and the country.


Early Post-Operative Rehabilitation Improves Outcome In Spine Surgery


When a 53-year-old male was rushed to our spine department at late hours of the day with pain in the upper back and sudden onset of weakness in both legs and numbness below chest level, there was a lot of anxiety and panic among the patient’s family. An urgent MRI done within 30 minutes of admission showed destruction of thoracic vertebral bone with pus severely compressing the spinal cord. In the next 30 minutes, the patient was shifted to the operating theatre, and surgery was done to stabilize the spinal bone, let out the pus and relieve the spinal cord compression. This timely emergent intervention is vital as the initial 8 hours is the golden period to avoid permanent paralysis.


Vaginal Discharge in Women


A large number of women attend gynaecology clinics with vaginal discharge. And an equally large group ignores this symptom, which can be an indication of a serious health condition. Vaginal discharge can sometimes be normal or physiological. For instance, women can have a clear discharge during ovulation, prior to periods and during sexual intercourse. In some women this can be a bit excessive and cause discomfort.


Women of Kauvery Hospital


Here’s an ode to the women of Kauvery Hospital who are strong pillars of support and leadership. Their contribution makes our organisation shine brighter.


Patient Experience


“My mother in law had her mastectomy done here. The way the patient was treated and taken care of was excellent. The explanation given for the procedures and doctor’s explanation for our queries was clear and precise. I am very much inclined recommend to this hospital to my friends and family.”


Recipe of the Month

Betel Leaves Rasam

Betel leaf, also called as vethalai in Tamil, has lots of medicinal properties. With betel leaves, we can make quick rasam which can help soothe and cure a cold/cough. Betel leaves are a rich source of vitamin C and calcium.

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