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This month, we are delighted to launch Maa Kauvery, in service to mothers and babies, and thus to delight the whole family.

A holistic approach throughout maternity and childbirth, giving the right medical advice at the right time, supporting the physical and mental strength of the mother, and thus assisting her to bring a healthy baby to this society is the mission of our Maa Kauvery.

A healthy baby grows with us into a mature adult contributing to our society to be healthy.

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Tackling the Menace of Malaria

malaria symptoms prevention treatment

A possibly lethal disease, malaria spreads when the infected female Anopheles mosquito bites a person. Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium malariae and Plasmodium ovale are the parasites responsible for malaria.

According to the NVBDCP, malaria is prevalent in quite a few parts of our country. A whopping 95% of the Indian population resides in areas that are endemic to malaria. Of the reported cases of malaria, 80% live in tribal, mountainous and difficult to access areas.

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Clenbuterol - Is It the Magic Bullet for Weight Reduction?

clenbuterol is it the magic bullet for weight reduction

It is a drug which acts on the beta-2 adrenergic receptors in the body and increases their action. It was initially tried as a treatment in COPD and asthma patients due to its action on the airway smooth muscle causing airway dilatation. However, due to its effect on other organ systems it has been tried and misused by gym goers and athletes.

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World Voice Day

world autism awareness day

World Voice Day is celebrated on April 14th every year. The aim is to bring awareness to the beautiful phenomenon of human voice and how to prevent and treat voice problems. We use our voice the whole day, at home and at work, taking it for granted till we develop a problem. The voice is the primary means of communication; it also conveys the age, gender and emotional state of the person speaking.

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Toothy Tales

toothy tales

Well, this is a common refrain from many of my patients, about their teeth being sensitive. This painful tingling sensation may be after eating sour foods, consuming cold drinks or hot coffee/tea, or even after an exposure to a cold blast of air. There are several causes for sensitive teeth; a correct diagnosis can help relieve this common troublesome issue. Sensitivity is usually due to loss of enamel which is the outermost protective layer for teeth.

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Vesico-Ureteric Reflux [VUR] in Children

post op recovery insights

Let’s get to know a few important facts about recovery after surgery & anaesthesia procedures.

The recovery can be divided into immediate post-op recovery period where the patient is observed in the post-operative anaesthesia care unit for 2-3 hours and then shifted to the ward. They should fulfil the criteria for safe ward transfer. This is followed by the time at the hospital till discharge. Then, the recovery process at home for normal routine.

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Insight of a Pediatric Oncologist

august video

In India, over 60,000 new cases of childhood cancers are diagnosed each year, representing 4-5% of the overall cancer burden.

Adolescent and young adult cancers (AYA) account for another 5.7% of all cancers.

Leukemia (blood cancer) is the most common childhood cancer, accounting for 50-75% of childhood cancers.

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A guide to advanced Parkinson therapeutics

a guide to advanced parkinson therapeutics

India is witnessing a great deal of advancements in medical services on par with the Western world in many domains. Our population is now living longer. With longevity, we now have certain challenges to cater to. Diseases that have an incidence in the ageing brain are now becoming more prevalent. Rising awareness (thanks to the digital world) and more urbanisation make these disorders come into spotlight at an earlier time than before. Our priorities have changed and we are marching towards the concept of “quality of living” from the yesteryear thoughts of “making people live”. Now, this is where a condition like Parkinson’s disease poses a huge challenge, both to the medical service and to the carer. With some advanced treatment options available, we now can confidently give hope to persons with Parkinson’s disease for a peaceful and gratified life.

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Blood Cancer Awareness Run

april video

Celebrating that spirit, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a leading multispecialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, organized a cancer awareness run for them.

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Patient Experience

testimonials (2)

“I was admitted in Kauvery for my High Cholesterol, High Blood Sugar & Pancreatitis. Being a first timer to this hospital i didn’t know any doctor reference and I was recommended to Dr Baraneedharan. My experience with Dr Baraneedharan was the best. I have never met a doctor who is very soft spoken, explains in detail about the issue and also treats the illness swiftly. I would highly recommend Dr Baraneedharan to anyone who is worried about diabetes and its related issues, since there are very few persons like him who do care about the patient and follows the old methods of treatment (rather than the ones who write numerous tests and scans and make the patient half dead). In a span of 1 week in which I was admitted to ICU got treated well and am back to my regular lifestyle. All thanks to Dr Baraneedharan.”
– S.K

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Recipe of the Month

Summer Special – Chia Pudding

Having chia pudding for breakfast is a wonderful way to start your day as this healthy breakfast is not only creamy and tasty but also packed with protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. It is vegan, gluten-free and easy to prepare! Chia seeds also aid in weight loss by keeping us satiated for quite a while. The fibre helps those who suffer from constipation.

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summer special chia pudding