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As we approach the 12th month of this year, we do realise that time has repeatedly taught us, the simple lesson that it is not going to wait for us!!!

This year would have brought in happiness, sorrows, winners, losers, marriages and breakups, love and hate, births and deaths. A year brings all kinds of emotions to a family. A New Year is something we look forward to, like an unread book!! Isn’t it? Even though we try to foretell the future it’s still a hidden mystery!

What I would like to share this month is that, when we approach towards the end of something, like for example, the end of a game, or the end of an academic year we are put to certain tests, to judge where we stand. Similarly towards the end of the year we need to take the time and judge ourselves, whether we have used our time wisely and to our satisfaction. And how we can correct ourselves in the coming New Year. [Read More…]


HAMSA Spine and Brain Rehab


When 35-year-old Rajesh met with a bike accident and became paraplegic, his life came to a standstill. He lost his job as a marketing executive. He was the only breadwinner of his family and had old parents, a small child and a wife to support. Now he was bed ridden, physically injured, emotionally traumatized and had no idea how he would lead his life. This is only one such story of a person with Spinal Cord Injury.


Menopause - Boon or Bane


Menopause is defined as 1 year of no periods in the age group of 40-55 years in someone who has been having regular/irregular menstrual cycles (Average age in India – 46 years, all over in World – 51 years). Many women find it difficult to go through the phase of Menopause. Biologically, menopause is the visible decline in ovarian function. Even after menopause, the ovaries produce hormones like estrogen, progesterone and androgen, but may not result in periods.


Obstructive Jaundice – Is this different from usual jaundice?


Most people get to know about jaundice very early in childhood; a bout of viral hepatitis is the common scenario either in oneself (or) in near/known ones. Thus, this form of hepatic origin jaundice gets etched in memory where in bland diet, bed rest & some tonics recover the self-limiting condition (At least in most cases!)


The End of AIDS


Doctor, why did I get it? How will I face the world?

I hear the questions at least once a week. This is the stereotypical response of every HIV positive patient. They don’t even ask about treatment initially. This is because of the universal belief that HIV is fatal. Added is the social stigma associated with it.


Everyone is beautiful


In our country, even today, there is widespread judgement and prejudice based on skin colour. Ever since the baby is born, it is ingrained in their head that being fair is only accepted and dark skin tones are not. This creates a sense of insecurity and lack of self confidence in the children. In this video, Dr Shweta Rahul, Consultant Dermatologist, addresses this issue and advises all the parents to teach their children how to love themselves.


Patient Experience


“Got admitted in the emergency ward. Utmost care was given by the doctors team. Proper treatment was given to the patient for speedy recovery. Doctor gave advice to follow medication and to maintain good health. We are fully satisfied with the treatment and happy with the hospitality shown by Kauvery Hospital.”
– S.V


Recipe of the Month

Surakkai/Lauki/Bottle Gourd Soup

The much-awaited monsoon months are finally here and no one will refuse a hot, steaming bowl of soup.

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