Our Dear K-Way Readers,

dr kavitha

Our Dear Avid Readers,

December 2022 is welcoming us with its cool weather, Christmas eve, jingle bells and the joyous New Year’s eve.

Always a month of celebration and we look forward to it. From kids awaiting their Christmas holidays to elders awaiting to give and receive gifts from their near and dear ones… Santa is also awaiting to see us!

And not to forget most importantly Namba Singara Chennai will also be the host of Margazhi Utsav making it a great time for music lovers to performing arts to showcase their talents of music and dance to entertain everyone. [Read More…]


Baby-Led Weaning - An Interactive Weaning Experience

baby led weaning an interactive weaning experience

Season’s greetings to all the enthusiastic readers of K-Way!

If you are the new generation “Insta-Mom” with Montessori-style philosophy of raising self-sufficient and independent kids, I’m certain the catchphrase in my title sounds very familiar.


Blood Donation

blood donation

Voluntary blood donors are the cornerstone of a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products. The demand for blood and blood products has steadily increased every year. Unfortunately, the supply of blood lags far behind the demand. Annual requirement of blood in India is around 26.2 million units. The gap between supply and demand is around 13 million units/year. The main reason behind this shortage is lack of awareness regarding blood donation.


Flu Can Leave You in Silence

flu can leave you in silence

Deafness or hearing impairment is most often associated with old age. While old age is the most common cause of hearing loss, there are many other causes too. Repeated exposure to loud sounds, certain medications, ear infections, etc. can lead to deafness. Now and then, we do see patients coming with a hearing loss following a fever or severe cold attack. There are a number of viruses which can cause a hearing loss. Hearing loss caused by viruses may range from mild to profound and can affect one or both the ears. The inflammatory changes following these viral attacks cause changes in the delicate inner ear structures and most often lead to permanent damage.


Stand up for Safety

stand up for safety

Head injury is a silent epidemic which claims a lot of lives and disables many more each year. The yearly number of deaths in India alone from head trauma related causes is around 1 million per year and the incidence is similarly high in other developing countries. Even though falls from heights and assault are other causes, the major proportion of head trauma in developing countries is still road traffic accidents.


Importance of Medical Insurance

importance of medical insurance

Medical insurance is very important in every one’s life, and everybody should know the pro and cons before purchasing a medical insurance. Health insurances are vital because they cover a major portion of our hospital expenses and do not affect our finances during tough times.


Did you ask for Rehabilitation Services? Your Treatment Might Never Be Complete Without It!

did you ask for rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation is an essential part of good quality healthcare and a well-established specialty in developed countries. You might fail to attain the maximum recovery possible if you are not utilising the rehabilitation services early enough.


Ultrasound Abdomen – A Great Invention to the Treasure Hunt

ultrasound abdomen a great invention to the treasure hunt

The abdomen is a part of the body that holds many surprises for both physicians and surgeons. The ultrasound is a major invention that has really had a huge impact in the diagnoses and treatments used in modern medicine.

Ultrasound imaging uses sound waves to create an image of the part being scanned. Since there is no hazard of ionizing radiation, it emerges as a great screening tool and a cost-effective modality to identify emerging problems in almost all patients


What Should One Know About Flu?

flu what should one know

Flu is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus.

The types are influenza A, B and C. Influenza A infects humans, animals and birds. It causes pandemics, epidemics and seasonal outbreaks. Swine flu (H1N1) is a type of influenza A virus. Influenza B infects humans and is known to cause epidemics and seasonal outbreaks. Influenza C infects humans and animals. It usually causes mild respiratory illness and only rarely leads to outbreaks.


Reversal of Diabetes | Tamil

december video

Patient Experience


“Thank you Kauvery Hospital Dr.Manoj, Dr.Aravind, Dr.Kannan sir. 4th floor sister Ms Nadhini, Ms Gunavathi, floor GR Mr Praveen pals team. Mrs Malar madam ws very helpful. Thanks to housekeeping staff Ms. Rajalakshmi, Mr Pejith. Thank you Kavuvery hospital.”
– A.K


Recipe of the Month

Healthy Peanut Salad

This peanut vegetable salad is healthy and nutritious. It is a tasty and refreshing salad which is crunchy, spicy and tangy. This salad will surely tingle your taste buds.

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healthy peanut salad