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Hello Readers,

How are you all?

It’s here! Jingle bells and Santa… yes, we are in December 2023! Unbelievable, right? How can time fly so fast!

Bidding farewell to 2023, and thanking everyone who has been with us through happy and hard times, we are all excited to welcome 2024!

The eagerness and excitement of a new year is something each one experiences because it’s also a time when we want to make some decisions that will help us prosper. That’s exactly why we wish everyone a very prosperous new year.

So, as a family physician, you can be quite sure that my focus would be on health resolutions in a healthy way.

Sleep, food and exercise are mainly for physical health whereas digital detox is for mental health.

Mental health issues have almost reached the top rank compared to other health issues and our youngsters are the most affected.

The most important reason being the nuclear family system and living away from dear ones due to occupational and educational compulsions brings a sense of loneliness.

Parenting and schooling play a major role.


A Day Through the Radiotherapy Department

a day through the radiotherapy department

Cancer is managed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of surgical, medical and radiation oncologists along with specialised nurses, nutritionists, occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers and expert technical staff whose cooperation ensures excellent treatment delivery and patient care. Radiation oncology is a branch of modern medicine which treats cancer using high intensity x-ray and particle beams. Rarely, radiation beams are used in non-malignant conditions also.


Benefits of Screening Ultrasound

benefits of screening ultrasound

Ultrasound is the most opted screening modality as it is a non-invasive, painless, cost-effective and safe method. It does not involve any ionizing radiation exposure. It is not only used for diagnostic purposes but also as a guidance tool in interventions like biopsy and percutaneous drainage.


Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes

dishoom dishoom diabetes

Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a flagship unit of the Kauvery Group of Hospitals, renowned for its multispecialty healthcare services in Tamil Nadu, proudly announces successful 4th year of ‘Dishoom Dishoom Diabetes,’ a unique diabetes expo in honor of World Diabetes Day.


Kindly Repay Your Sleep Debt

kindly repay your sleep debt

We spend one-third of our lifetime in sleep and yet its importance is not fully understood. Sleep is not just putting your body to rest and switching off your brain activity. It will be quite surprising to know that during sleep our brain will never switch off and continue to be active without disturbing our body.


Understanding Aneurysm

understanding aneurysm

An aneurysm is a bulge that forms in the weakened part of a blood vessel wall.

Reasons for Brain Aneurysm Formation

When the blood flows through cerebral blood vessels, it exerts increased pressure on the weakened parts of the blood vessel thus leading to the formation of a brain aneurysm.


Unique Issues of Young Adults of Today’s Competitive World

unique issues of young adults of todays competitive world

Today’s world is fast-paced, competitive, and highly influenced by media.

Youngsters have high expectations of themselves, are under a lot of peer pressure to prove and they also want to balance life and work better which can be quite challenging.


Kauvery Hospital's Mammogram Bus

december video

Bringing mammogram screenings to your doorstep. For those unable to visit hospitals, we’re on the go, making breast health accessible. Get screened conveniently, because your well-being matters wherever you are.


Patient Experience


“I was thoroughly impressed. Neat, clean and hygienic house keeping all areas within the hospital and rooms in Day care. Competent compassionate and friendly doctors attended to me. The staff – viz secretaries, attenders, nurses and other staff down the line – appeared well motivated and happy overall. I did talk to many down the line, no cribs or grouses. Your HR dept seems to be doing very well. Over all an excellent hospital experience. The best part — it didn’t make me feel as if I was in hospital! The usual smell associated with a hospital was totally absent. Well done Kauvery, keep it up and rise to greater heights of Patient care.”
– H.T


Recipe of the Month

Kavuni Arisi Kanji

Karuppu kavuni rice, or black rice as it is known in English, is packed with health benefits. Though many know it as forbidden rice, the name is a misnomer since this rice is nutritious and has more protein, iron and fibre compared to other forms of rice.

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kavuni arisi kanji