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As February dawns, there is a glimmer of hope that we shall soon be past the peak of the third wave of the pandemic, driven this time by the Omicron variant of SARS CoV-2, which was the original virus that surfaced in an exotic meat market in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

Since then alpha, beta and the delta variants have ravaged our lives, delta doing the worst. Two years of the pandemic have gone by. Many families have suffered great and painful times, saw many near and dear ones suffer and sadly, lost some of them. The losses were also in jobs, income, economy, children’s education, family festivals and even friendships.

But this time around, mercifully, there is a let up in the pace and pain, and in the relentless cascade of troubling events casting a long and dark shadow over our lives. [Read More…]


Is your Waist Circumference Telling you Something Take a Quick Look


Metabolic syndrome is a collection of certain increased parameters a doctor sees during a routine check-up rather than the specific symptoms or specific complaints from a patient.

The earlier it is noticed, the earlier we can definitely and effectively prevent the rising incidence of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia and cardiovascular disease in the community. Metabolic syndrome is a silent ailment with few obvious symptoms, but studies have shown that in the past 30 years, there has been a high incidence of people falling into this category, with women exceeding men. Studies show that the adolescent age group is highly vulnerable to this condition and can get lifestyle diseases much earlier in life.


FAQs on Newborn Care


What things should I carry to the hospital for the baby when I get admitted for delivery?

Things needed for the baby should be packed and kept ready at least a month before the expected date of delivery. Soft clothes with woolens and blankets to be kept ready which have been washed at least once. Front opening clothes are preferred. Carry socks, caps, mittens, towels, sheets and diapers. Both cloth and disposable diapers can be used. Soft cotton clothes or wipes should also be kept for cleaning and sponging purpose.


The Obese and Unhealthy Child


“Metabolic syndrome? In children? In teens?”

Yes, you heard it right. The prevalence of metabolic syndrome, also known as MetS, is on the rise. Its incidence goes hand in hand with the rising trends in childhood obesity. MetS involves a set of metabolic abnormalities (insulin resistance, hypertension, abnormal lipid profile) associated with obesity. MetS is typically associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular conditions. It is difficult to have a clear-cut definition for MetS in children and adolescents due to racial/pubertal differences, environmental factors and incomplete understanding of what causes this condition. MetS is a risk factor not only for heart disease but also type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary (PCOS), hormonal imbalances and fatty liver disease. Given the spectrum of problems it can lead to, let us try to understand what MetS is.


Metabolic Syndrome - The Preventable Syndrome


What is Metabolic Syndrome? In simple words, presence of conditions like high Blood pressure, Obesity, Diabetes, raised cholesterol levels that can lead to an increase in the possibility of developing heart disease and stroke. With reference to gynaecology, these conditions can have adverse effects on the women during her reproductive years and later. Unfortunately, more than 30% of women suffer from metabolic syndrome.

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Current Understanding of Fatty Liver


“Fatty liver” is very commonly diagnosed these days during a USG scan done for other reasons/purposes. It is not a diagnosis to be alarmed about but it implies that one is not okay with respect to metabolism. Fatty liver usually represents the “liver related component” of metabolic syndrome.

Excess fat/excess carbohydrates that are consumed and not burnt, get accumulated in the liver as fat. This is a long-term accumulation over a period of months to years. This can happen in both lean/obese individuals, males or females, young or old.


Feeling Low? A Sign of Empty Nest Syndrome


Empty nest syndrome is not a clinical entity, rather it is a transitional phenomenon experienced by the parents when the youngest or the last child leaves home. Parents want their children to be independent, or to get a good education. But the separation is difficult sometimes. The phenomenon is more common in women as they are the primary carers in many cases.

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Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


Dr Suresh Venkita, our Group Medical Director, a senior cardiologist and an avid writer, has yet again shared this lovely story from his desk.


In the middle of the flight, Kiara woke up to go the washroom. When she returned, she was too lazy to push her way into the middle seat. And with Rishaan readily offering to shift seats, the seating arrangement changed. With 20 minutes still remaining for the flight to land, a sleep starved Kiara took another power nap, this time holding Rishaan’s right hand more firmly. Rishaan’s other hand, though, nervously moved to touch Diya’s. Her heart skipped a beat. Diya pulled her hand away. But a defiant Rishaan held her wrist again, this time firmly and more reassuringly. The changing behavioural dynamics between the three perhaps gave out a foreboding of what was to come in Goa.


Varicose Veins | வெரிகோஸ் நரம்புகள் ( Tamil )


வெரிகோஸ் வெயின்ஸ் என்ற நரம்பு சுருட்டு பிரச்சனை எதனால் வருகிறது? இதனால் பெரிய ஆபத்து ஏற்படுமா? சிகிச்சை அளிக்கப்படாத வெரிகோஸ் வெயின்ஸ் பெரிய விளைவுகளை ஏற்படுத்துமா? இதன் அறிகுறி எப்படி இருக்கும்? வெரிகோஸ் வெயின் ஏற்பட்டால் அதனை எப்படி சரிசெய்வது போன்ற பல்வேறு விதமான நரம்பு சுருட்டு பிரச்சனைகளுக்கு ஆரம்ப நிலையிலேயே மருத்துவரின் ஆலோசனையைப் பெற்றுக் கொள்வது மிகவும் நல்லது. காலம் தாழ்த்தினால் விளைவுகள் அதிகமாகும். அறுவை சிகிச்சை செய்ய வேண்டிய சூழல் கூட உண்டாகலாம்.


Patient Experience


“We have come to diagnosis of heart problem for my mother and the hospital did a angiogram and explained the issue with us, then immediately angioplasty was done and a stent is placed. Now, my mother is doing fine and she is out of all pains she had suffered in the last few weeks. Thanks to Kauvery team and Dr KP Suresh.”
– K.N


Recipe of the Month

Amla and Curry Leaves Juice

Amla is an excellent source of vitamin C. Hence, it helps boost your immunity and metabolism and prevents viral and bacterial ailments, including cold and cough.

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