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July 1st is celebrated as Doctors’ Day in India. We, at Kauvery, wish all the doctors a very HAPPY DOCTORS’ Day!!!

This month, let us take a minute, to look at the wonderful work that doctors do, and applaud the hard journey they take, to get to, where they are now.

The medical profession is recognized and awarded with the adjective “NOBLE” to it and a DOCTOR …is a very special person. “The one-day relationship becomes a lifelong friendship”! We earn the utmost respect from the society, and is seen at par with GOD. Dear doctors, let us continue to do our noble work with our vision and mission focussed on the benefit of the society, as we always do!

Well, the committed days of a doctor, starts right from when they are teenagers. When all other teens are busy enjoying themselves, the ones trying to get into medical school are under the pressure of getting high school marks, entrance exams and the peer pressure of getting a college admission. This comes with sleepless nights and sacrifices that start at a mere 17 years of age.


What is Urinary Tuberculosis?


Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli.

These bacteria can enter the lungs through air. If the resistance offered by the body’s immune system is ineffective, then the bacteria can grow and settle in the lungs. They can also spread through the blood stream and settle and develop lesions in any part of the body. Tuberculosis, though common in the lungs, can affect almost any part of the body. In the urinary tract, infection starts in the kidney. From there, it can spread to the ureter and the urinary bladder.


Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


My childhood was filled with different activities that I did for 1 hour every day after school, from the age of 5 until I was 15 years old. Mondays and Fridays were reserved for Bharatnatyam, Tuesdays and Thursdays for piano and then later violin was also added on for about 5 years, Wednesdays for BhairavMushti (Martial Arts), Tap dancing/ Jazz ballet, Saturdays for theatre, orchestra and choir, Sundays for Horse Riding and then at the age of 10 it was for Sailing.


Project Thalirgal


My journey as a neurosurgeon began 20 years ago. After completing my specialization in Neurosurgery, I went through training and apprenticeship with senior surgeons before becoming an independent surgeon, a teaching faculty and a senior neuro surgeon.

The one aspect that has endured throughout my neurosurgical career, is my fascination with Technology, or with what I call the interface between today and tomorrow. The fascination started right from the time I had to use an operating neuro microscope as a student and through all the various fine and delicate instruments and technologies, I have seen evolve and being used.


Project Thalirgal


Kauvery Hospital in association with Rotary Club of Madras North and Government of Tamil Nadu has kickstarted Thalirgal, an initiative to help fund surgeries for new born babies with congenital brain and spine disorders.

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Patient Experience


“Kauvery hospital is an excellent hospital and it was a very pleasant experience. Doctors were very hospitable and very knowledgeable. Their patience is adorable. Similarly the staff are so cooperative and patient. Ward boy Rabani was always volunteering to help and was very responsible. Thanks to Selvi the ward boy supervisor. Basha another ward boy was also another person who I would want to mention. The nurses were also very supportive and had given personalised attention.”
– E.G


Recipe of the Month

Stuffed Green Chilly Crunchy Delight

A tasty all time favourite snack brought to you this month from our in house culinary expert team. Add spice to your evenings while you spend quality time with family by relishing this crispy delight.

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