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Welcome to jubilant June with its bright summer weather.

June 1st is a very special day as we wish all parents a Happy Parent’s Day.

Parenting is an extraordinary art that differs from home to home. Every parent wishes that their children have a bright and happy future.

However unprepared one may be, once he or she becomes a parent, one “grows up” to become aware of the responsibilities in parentage.

Two different types of parents are generally seen – ones who want to provide everything for their child as they did not experience those joys in their childhood and others who expect their children to be brought up like them. [Read More…]


Elder Abuse


Case 1

Mr G, a septuagenarian, suffered a stroke after which he needed help with his daily activities. He went to live with his son’s family. Both his son and daughter-in-law being working professionals, they were hardly at home. Mr G saw how busy they were and tried to be independent and not bother them. When his friend Ms C visited him, she found quite a few things amiss. Mr G was unkempt, his room had a bad odour and his normally cheerful demeanour was missing. Ms C was concerned that Mr G was not being cared for properly.


Importance of Blood Donation, Blood Grouping and Blood Transfusion


At the beginning of the 20th century, Karl Landsteiner identified ABO blood groups, at which time blood typing of individuals was only beginning to get adopted as a universally standard practice. Nowadays, transfusion takes place only after multiple quality checks, screening test and compatibility testing. Drugs Controller General of India has made blood bank licenses mandatory before collecting blood from any donor.


Rheumatoid Arthritis - FAQs


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease where our own immune system affects our body parts. Initially, it affects the joints predominantly. It can affect other organs if the disease is not controlled properly.


Summer Stool Diaries


The good old summer time is synonymous with a lot of fun things children love – holidays, beaches, summer camps, sleepovers and eating the lion’s share of delicious juicy mangoes! It also comes with a very common childhood problem namely constipation. Let us try and understand what we can do to help our children with constipation.


Understanding Inherited Heart Diseases


Cardiovascular diseases, or diseases of the heart and blood vessels, are the leading cause of death and disability globally. While a majority of heart ailments like heart attack and heart failure are multifactorial in origin, there are some that have a strong genetic underpinning and need expert care and management.


Happy Nurses Day


Seizures (Fits) are one of the common childhood problems which primary care physicians face. Seizures are frightening and many parents who witness a first seizure fear initially that their child is dying. Some kids might have episodes of seizure like activity, but truly they are not. They are seizure mimics (jitteriness in neonates, benign myoclonus of infancy etc.)


Patient Experience


“Been great experience, the immediate attention At ER and The Real time response of MEDICAL team Headed by Dr. Manoj was wonderful. The HOUSEKEEPING was punctual and thorough cleaning of wash room was excellent. Special thanks to Nurses Sujatha and Nursing team gave very good care. Thanks to Mr. Xavier and all team members of KAUVERY HOSPITAL.”
– DR. KR


Recipe of the Month

Yellow Moong Dal Dosa

Yellow moong dal dosa, or paasi paruppu dosai, is very easy to prepare.

Moong dal is one of the most popular vegetarian superfoods. It is rich in high-quality proteins and other essential nutrients. The high protein content contributes to building and repairing tissues along with building muscles, bones, cartilage, blood and skin.

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