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At Kauvery we are proud to say our values are focused on continual improvement, ethical empathetic patient care coupled with accountability and service excellence.

Important days in September are World First Aid day, International Nutrition day, World Heart day, World Alzheimer’s day and most importantly the International day of prevention of suicide.

There is an indirect connection between all the above days. Being healthy doesn’t only mean physical wellness but also mental well-being and having a stable thought process. One can acquire this only by assessing one’s self. Comparisons and ambitions are a part of our thought process but self-confidence and acceptance of failures should also be inculcated in us. Each one of us can be a pillar of strength and motivation to the people around us…[More]


First Aid is for Everyone, Everywhere


Millions of people die across the globe each year, as they did not receive the immediate action for their illness at that critical moment. The action of providing that immediate attention is called FIRST AID. The aim of first aid is to give the earliest possible assistance to persons suffering from an injury or illness, which, if delayed, could result in the condition of the injured or sick person becoming critically ill or even fatal. First aid does not only save lives, but the early attention given to those in need of it may help in their speedy recovery.


Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


This month the life beyond doctors section gives you an engrossing fascinating short story written by our very own senior colleague Dr. Venkita. S. Suresh.

A Perfect Storm

First thing she sensed when she surfaced from the depth of unconsciousness was that she was lying on the wet floor of the cabin. Eyes shut tight, reluctant to face the light, she let her aching body feel grateful to the yacht that was rocking, gently for a change. The waves seemed to have calmed after their fury the night before. The wind that howled all night was now silent. That silence however troubled her greatly. She knew that he was not on the boat.


Understanding Suicide - Why individuals facing the same adversities choose either to deal or to die.


Suicide remains one of the most complex of all human behaviours. For ages,the elusiveness and complexity of the phenomenon has been a subject of study by diverse fields such as sociology, philosophy, medicine, psychology and spirituality- yet the answers remain unclear.

Our search for answers and need for solutions is stronger than ever as this global public health epidemic is showing alarming trends of increase.


Importance of Drinking Adequate Water in the Summer

Chief Nephrologist, Kauvery Hospital Chennai, Dr R Balasubramaniam shares his insights about the importance of drinking adequate water in the summer to prevent Kidney Failure.

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Patient Experience


“First of all thank you very much for the hospitality extended to us the last 4 days (23.07 to 27.07) of our stay here.On behalf of my whole family, I extend their thanks to the 6th floor staff of the Kauvery hospital for the care you provided to my daughter during her post delivery process. Dr Sabeeha’s care was exceptional honest. Staff n nurses smiling and friendly and prompt n professional in their services. Over all good services and we are extremely happy. All the best to Kauvery team.”
– H.A


Recipe of the Month

Thengai Paal Kanji


Thengai Paal Kanji is a porridge made with rice, fenugreek seeds (vendhayam/ methi seeds)This Kanji is an excellent home remedy for ulcer, also reduces blood pressure and helps in digestive problems.The healing effect of coconut and fenugreek coupled with anti-bacterial qualities does the wonder!

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