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dr kavitha

This newsletter has made me realise that time truly flies! We are in the month of September already. The past few months have given us the opportunity to introspect. We have learnt to live beyond difficulties and this time hardships have been universal, irrespective of caste, creed or financial status. We have realised that we are all ONE.

Though this period has given us a lot of worries, there are also a few positives that have come out of it. As a family, everyone is working together for the betterment of the home. The hard work of the lady of the house is much appreciated and the concept of helping out with household chores has also been instilled in us. Children who were initially unmanageable in the first few months of lockdown have actually become calmer and the situation has taught them to sacrifice life’s luxuries. [Read More…]


An August that Augurs Well for DNB Programs at Kauvery Hospitals


Dr Suresh Venkita, as the Chief Mentor and the Dean of Studies for the DNB program at Kauvery, is here to share with us the success of our postgraduate residents at the recent Diplomate in National Board (DNB) examinations.

Kauvery hospitals is not only a pioneer in health care in Tamil Nadu but also a premier academic institution for fostering teaching, training and research in the curricula of postgraduate courses like DNB, MRCEM, MEM etc.


Life of Doctors - Patients, Medicine and Beyond...


Dr Suresh Venkita, our Group Medical Director, a senior cardiologist and an avid writer, has yet again shared this lovely story from his desk.

Learning from Leonie

Leonie was a beautiful nineteen- year- old girl and a very young mother who died in a tiny village tucked away in the vast hinterland of Haiti where the 50 year old hospital I worked also stood. Unfortunately Haiti has always had the highest maternal mortality rate in the Americas (1).


Lockdown Blues and Fertility


We have been living with this pandemic for the past 4-5 months and have started looking at things with a COVID attitude. Our thought process, behaviour and actions have all changed drastically after this pandemic started. The idea behind this article is to highlight the importance of fertility and contraception during these difficult times and also to suggest ways to manage them.

Fertility and contraception are two ends of a spectrum. There have been quite a few planned and unplanned pregnancies during this lockdown period.


Suicide – A Cry for Help


“We don’t kill ourselves. We are simply defeated by a long, hard struggle to stay alive. When somebody dies after a long illness, people often say with a note of approval that the person fought very hard. They think that in a suicide no fight was involved and that the person simply gave up. This is quite wrong.” – Sally Brampton


இனித்தினிக்கும் இலக்கியம்


Hi everyone, I am Dr Velmurugan, Senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist at Kauvery hospital. My passion towards reading especially Tamil works started when I was twelve years old and then on I continued to read and by the time when I started to read real literary works, I was in my early thirties. The power of this language is that it has taught me about life. I was floating almost in the sky when I first read Ponniyin Selvan [Kalki] at the age of fifteen. What this reading gives us is first and foremost great friendship. [Yes, books are the best friends]. A bond always exists between my novel, the author and me. Every time I read, it was an opportunity to understand everything from everyone’s point of view.


#MadrasDay - An ode to Chennai - English


On #MadrasDay, we salute the city of hope and resurgence for its undying spirit in the face of adversity. Chennai, the embodiment of hope.


Patient Experience


“The first thing you’ll notice that it’s very clean. The staffs and nurses are polite. I met Dr. Aravind for my shoulder injury. He was very positive and it was easy to communicate with him. The staffs at their pharmacy are kinda slow but overall experience was good. Compared to other hospitals, they’re not very expensive.”


Recipe of the Month

Red Dragon Fruit Smoothie

A smoothie is a drink that has a vegetable or a fruit base blended with water, yogurt, milk, etc. Smoothie bowls which have a thick smoothie base topped with fruits, nuts and cereals of choice are all the rage these days. Delicious and healthy, smoothies are enjoyed by young and old alike!

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