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The celebratory days that began with the 77th Independence Day on August 15th rolled into a bright, beautiful and buoyant week that culminated in a brilliant achievement that catapulted the country to an adventurous trajectory, orbit and mission.

An intelligent, imaginative, industrious, inventive and innovative INDIA initiated an inspired launch that later descended to an immaculate landing, on the South side of the moon, of Chandrayaan-3, on August 23rd, which made the world sit up and notice a resurgent and resourceful INDIA.

This is indeed a great moment to rejoice for all of us.

We celebrate this success, thankful to our ISRO scientists who engineered this proud moment and dedicated that to the nation.

The landing of Chandrayaan-3, a historical milestone, delivers to us the message that hard work always works!


Adult Vaccination


We are privileged to live in a constantly progressive and developing world, which is especially advancing in the field of science and technology. Research and development in the area of immunization are working consistently towards bringing us safe vaccines to prevent certain diseases. The word “vaccination” resonated strongly with the adult population during the COVID-19 pandemic. Otherwise, vaccination was a term that was common among parents having young children.


Beware of Ludwig’s Angina


A German physician, Wilhelm Frederick von Ludwig, was the first person to report this condition in 1836. Normally, when somebody hears the term angina, it is for the heart pain that you hear many doctors and patients speak about. But one will be surprised to hear that an infection from the mouth and teeth can have a dreaded swelling which can kill a patient in a day!


Renal Cysts


These are fluid-filled regions in the kidney with a membrane, which generally do not communicate with the area producing urine. These tend to be of various sizes and based on their characteristics on scans, they are categorized into subtypes, which give us a more in-depth idea into treating them. Most renal cysts are asymptomatic and are incidentally found on ultrasound scans, i.e., when a scan is done for another purpose unrelated to the cyst or symptoms of the cyst.


Save the Limb


Globally, every 2 minutes, someone is getting an amputation done.

Most amputations are done for people with a diabetic condition, and for trauma cases.


Suicide Prevention Strategies for Children and Adolescents


Suicide is one of the top three causes of death among youth globally and it is one of the preventable adverse events medically and socially, especially in older children, adolescents and young adults. There is a common myth that childhood confers relative immunity to suicidal attitudes based on two false notions: first, children are free from stress and problems and secondly, they are not mature enough to think or plan suicides. But research says that they have a thorough understanding of death and suicide as early as grade 3, i.e., 8 years of age. As per NCRB [2021] data, 13,120 students commit suicide [8% of all suicide deaths of 1,64,000].


Understanding Familial Dyslipidemia: Causes, Symptoms, and Management


Familial dyslipidemia is a group of inherited genetic disorders that affect lipid metabolism, leading to abnormal levels of cholesterol and/or triglycerides in the blood. This condition can significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and strokes. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and management of familial dyslipidemia is essential for early diagnosis and effective treatment.


Saluting Organ Donors | World Organ Donation Day 2023


Patient Experience


“Pauline head nurse and Krithika nurse had come to my house for a blood test. More than being professional, they ensured that I feel cared for in the short time they were here. I have always felt that the hospital has empathetic staff and they only solidified that image. Kudos to the hospital for never failing to deliver.”
– R.V


Recipe of the Month

Sweet Red Poha Dumplings/Aval Kozhukattai

Aval kozhukattai is a delicious sweet poha kozhukattai made with poha, jaggery and cardamom. By adding poha to this sweet dish, we profit from poha’s numerous health benefits. This is a simple & quick recipe that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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