Kauvery Hospital | Patient Newsletters | Functions and diseases of the liver and how to keep it healthy

Liver is one of the largest organ of our body. It's situated inside your abdomen on the right side under the ribcage. It has numerous functions and one of the main function is that whatever you eat and drink, it helps to process that into various nutrients and energy. Another important function of the liver is to remove toxic substances from your body.

Check out this video by Dr. V.S. Hemamala, Gastroenterologist, Liver specialist and liver transplant physician talk about the functions and diseases that affect the liver and important tips on how to take care of your liver.

Dr. V.S. Hemamala
M.D., D.M (Gastro), IDCCM (Critical Care)
Fellowship in Transplant Hepatology (USA)
Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

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