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Neurological physiotherapy rehabilitates patients with neurological disorders to improve their functional capabilities and independence thus improves their Quality of life. Neurological conditions which involve brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles can be treated with specific treatment strategies and special techniques.

The main stay of treatment for Pediatric conditions such as Cerebral palsy and other developmental delay is Neuro developmental therapy which concentrates on movement through sensory input to the children.

Neurological physiotherapy at Kauvery Hospital

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PERIPHERAL NERVE INJURIES: Both upper limb and lower limb nerves, Diabetic neuropathy.

MUSCLE PATHOLOGY: Muscular dystrophy, dystonias etc.

Assessment of the patient focuses on the analysis of specific movements and pattern of dysfunction. Analysis of dysfunction reveals the skill of the therapist on which the whole treatment strategies is going to build upon. Documentation is made for each and every disorder specifically.

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Treatment is based upon the understanding of anatomy and the biomechanics of the neurological systems. Training the Sensory motor system, motor control, and motor learning influences the plasticity of the neurological system thus improves balance, proprioception and other elements. Thus restores the movement patterns and aid in the recovery of the function. Treatment techniques such as - Bobath technique, Task specific training, Motor relearning programme, Mental imagery, Sensory reeducation, muscle stimulation, Treadmill training for spinal cord injured patients, novice mirror neuron therapy and every other technique helps in the recovery and independence of the patient.

Physiotherapy practices for neurological conditions are evidence based and trails have been done for so many years and still going in the newly evolved fields. Rehabilitation of a neurological patient is a comprehensive and a long term process. Therapist has to train the patient at the hospital, home and at the community level also. He has to work on the physical and cognitive aspects of the patient for the betterment and the early recovery.

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