Prevent Heart Disease by Following These Five Healthy Habits

Heart Disease is a general term used to describe conditions that affect the heart, such as the Coronary Artery Disease, Arrhythmias and congenital heart diseases, among others. It is one of the leading causes of death across the world.

However, things are not as grave as they seem. Several heart conditions can be prevented simply by following a healthy lifestyle. Follow these five healthy habits meticulously for a healthy, disease-free heart:

Control BP and Sugar - It is a advisable to carry out regular health check-up as part of your health regimen. Blood pressure and sugar values must be monitored diligently to prevent heart conditions. BP and diabetes medications must be taken regularly, as both these factors have a deleterious effect on several organs, including the heart. Do not stop any of these medications except on doctor's advice. Also, stay away from foods with high salt content.

Cholesterol and triglycerides - These are certain types of fats that need to be kept under check to prevent heart-related problems. In case of increased values consult a doctor and start your medication. Also avoid fried and fatty foods like chips, burgers, cheese, aerated drinks and other unhealthy junk food.

Avoid smoking - Smoking is anathema to a healthy heart as the chances of having a heart-related problem is much more in a smoker than in someone who doesn't smoke. If you are a smoker, don't wait for a future day to stop. Give up smoking right away as it could add years to your life.

Maintain a healthy weight - Body mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on an adult's height and weight. One should strive to have an ideal body weight to maintain good health. In case you are overweight or obese, set realistic goals in order to keep yourself motivated. Also, be patient and kind to yourself while you strive to lose weight. Also avoid crash diets.

Exercise regularly - Regular exercise paves way to good health. It is not necessary to do strenuous, exercises such as weight lifting or crunches, in order to be healthy. It is not even necessary to spend money at the gym. On the other hand, it is important to be consistent. Walking or swimming for even 30 minutes a day, five days a week, can actually do wonders for your health!


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