Did you know that each person has the potential to save at least 7 lives by donating organs? About 4 lakh people die in India every year due to lack of organs available for transplant. Statistics of those who donated their organs per million of population are – 36 in Spain, 26 in the U.S and only 0.5 persons per million in India.

One can donate while being alive and healthy, and even after death. You have to register as an organ donor if you would like to be one.

The health of the organs determines one’s capacity to donate. If you pledge to donate your organs, it is important your family members are aware of it. Only if the family at the time of death agrees, irrespective of the individual’s desire to donate, can the doctors proceed with organ donation. Therefore the final decision rests with your next of kin. The Age, sex, religion, caste, creed are no bar to organ donation.

Organ donation is a way we can still be of service even after we pass on. Our contribution can help many individuals gain a second chance at life. For more information on how to register, please visit the Mohan Foundation website

Compiled and adapted from Mohan Foundation website. Issued in public interest by Kauvery Hospital