This lovely poem is dedicated to are ardent readers on the occasion of International Day of the Elderly. The moon which lights the darkness of the sky and gives a pleasant feeling is compared to the elders whose presence brightens up and brings pleasure to our homes.

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Happy International Day of the Elderly

The sky so vast with muted hues
Is a perfect foil for the serene moon
Placed in centre, she’s surrounded
by ripples of endless clouds.

She wears a reddish halo
that highlights her golden glow!
Radiant, glowing, shining bright!
Awe-inspiring wondrous sight.

Far down on earth she bestows
Her light on chosen leaves
A gift they embrace as you can see
Incandescent emerald green.

One tree, so many leaves,
Some dark, a few bright green!
Do the dark leaves feel a sense of pain?
Or do they embrace in whole, with peace?

In perfect sync the phases of the moon
From earth, we regularly see
Not the same, and yet the same,
perfect harmony.

In a world that’s now in disarray
Unsettled, and in pain
Can we be inspired by the moon
And find our peace again?

Written By Mrs Sujatha
Kauvery Well Wisher