The A to Zee Types of Sports Injuries

This is a comprehensive list of the types of "Sports Injuries" that may occur and which are treated by doctors trained in Sports medicine. Part of the treatment process involves rehabilitation, where a physiotherapist guides you through an individualized rehabilitation program and then monitors your progress.

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Launch of Department of Sports Medicine
Launch of Department of Sports Medicine

Compiled below is a list of the types of "Sports Injuries".

  • Achilles Tendon Injury - is a common injury, which occurs in people who participate in gymnastics, athletics, dance, football, basketball, tennis and volleyball
  • ACL injuries - Ligament injuries in the knee can be painful and debilitating and can lead to a permanent lifestyle change. ACL (Anterior Crucial Ligament) injuries occur when the knee gets twisted, or when you get hit on the knee, or by extending the knee too far, jumping and landing on a flexed knee, when running and suddenly stopping, or by shifting weight suddenly, from one foot to the other
  • Ankle injury - Does not necessarily affect only Sports Participants. Ankle injuries can happen to anybody at any age. Walking on an uneven surface could turn an ankle causing a very painful sprain. The injuries that affect the ankle are fractures, sprains when damage to ligaments are caused, and muscle and tendon strains
  • Concussion - is caused by a sudden or direct blow to the head.
  • Dislocated shoulder - a fall or a blow to the shoulder causes the top of the arm to pop out of its shoulder socket. In severe cases, the tissue and nerves around the shoulder joint get damaged too. Injury to the collar bone or a tear in the ligament joining the clavicle is known as separated shoulder
  • Golfer's elbow - causes pain when the tendons connecting the forearm to the elbow, is inflamed. This is mostly caused by overuse of the muscles in the forearm
  • Groin pull - occurs when too much stress or strain is put on the groin muscles. This type of injury is common in people who play sports that involve a lot of running and jumping. Football players and hockey players are prone to have this injury
  • Hamstring injuries - is a very common injury and affects everyone who participates in sports
  • Head injury - these are the most dangerous types of injury and could lead to permanent disability, mental impairment and even cause death
  • Muscle strain - or muscle pull or tear all refer to the damage caused to the muscle or tendons that join the bones
  • Posterior cruciate ligament injury - This is a ligament within the knee. PCL injuries most commonly occur when the knee is bent. The causes for PCL are when striking the knee against the dashboard in an automobile accident or falling on the knee, while it is bent
  • Repetitive motion injuries - Tendinitis and bursitis are the two most common injuries in this type of repetitive motion injury
  • Rotator cuff tear- this type of injury is the anathema of people who participate in tennis, or who pitch balls, or participate in any other types of athletics
  • Running injuries - include Runners knees, Stress Fracture, Shin Splints
  • Shin splints - are caused by irritated and swollen muscles, stress fractures, overpronation or flat feet, weakness in stabilizing muscles of the hip
  • Skier's thumb - occurs mostly in skiing accidents. In severe cases, this injury must be surgically repaired
  • Soreness after exercise - normally occurs after a workout, playing sports or even due to housework
  • Tail bone injuries - may occur because of a bruise, dislocation or fracture to the coccyx or tail bone
  • Tendon injuries - the most common sites in the body for this type of injury to occur are the heel and the elbow
  • Tennis elbow - is a type of tendinitis or swelling in the elbow tendons
  • Tommy John surgery - also known as UCL reconstruction and UCL is short for ulna collateral ligament
  • Turf toe - describes a sprain of the ligaments around the big toe. Footballers and ballerinas are prone to this type of injury, but other types of sports people can also be affected with this type of injury
  • Workout injuries - can happen to anyone regardless of their experience level. Common workout injuries include muscle pull and strain, sprained ankle, shoulder injury, knee injuries, shin splints, tendinitis and wrist sprain or dislocation


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