Doctors At Kauvery Hospital Treat A Rare Case of Autoimmune Encephalitis During the Lockdown

~ Kauvery Hospital brings together the expertise from different specialties to save the life of a 14 year old girl

Chennai, 4th June 2020: Kauvery Hospital, a popular leading tertiary and multi-specialty hospital in Chennai, successfully treated a complex and rare case of autoimmune encephalitis in a 14 year old girl. The patient was discharged from the hospital after 21 days of uncompromised treatment by a team of doctors across specialties during the lockdown.

The 14 year old girl, was brought to the hospital with complaints of a seizure attack and fever. Results from the series of tests, MRI scans and EEGs, had shown that the patient was suffering from seizures inside the brain, which is not commonly observed in scans. Upon consultation and examination by medical experts of various specialties, it was observed that there are no inflammations or tumor inside the brain that were causing the seizures and the patient was suspected to have autoimmune encephalitis - a condition wherein epileptic seizures are caused by her own immune system.

Within a span of 21 days, the patient was successfully treated by a team of doctors consisting of an intensivist, neurologist, speech therapist, dietician and rheumatologists. This was truly a complicated medical case that challenged the most dedicated and skilled professionals. Throughout her stay in the hospital, the patient was pampered by the nurses and taken care of fully as it was difficult for the family to be with her owing to the lockdown.

Dr.Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, Lead Consultant and Neurologist, said, "The medical case was very challenging for the team of doctors as the patient required multi-specialty intervention and constant monitoring.  Additionally, the patient was very young and was showing extreme complications in super refractory seizures with cognitive issues. Owing to the lockdown, it was difficult to co-ordinate various testing of samples and scans/MRI. However, through the efforts of all the doctors, we were able to administer the right course of treatment through Immunoglobin therapy and medications, which brought a positive turnaround in the patient's health condition"

The team of doctors include - Dr. Bhuvaneshwari.

Commenting on the success of the case, Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital said, "We are happy to have been able to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to her treatment to facilitate the best possible care for a positive outcome. It gives us immense pleasure to see the patient and her family go back home with a sense of contentment. I would like to congratulate the team of doctors at Kauvery Hospital, who gave in their best and provided uncompromised care during the pandemic and lock down to successfully treat a case of high complexity."

About Kauvery Hospital:

Kauvery Hospitals is 'A new Age Family Hospital' with Multi Specialty Clinical Expertise and a pioneer in the 'HealthCare Provider' industry, making healthcare affordable. Kauvery is one of the few corporate hospital chains to successfully integrate operations into Tier 1 cities after launching into Tier 2 cities. It is also one of the few hospitals founded by Medical experts and managed by business professionals with a keen focus on delivering personalized and specialized health care with warmth.

Kauvery Hospitals is currently a 1200 bed hospital group with presence in Chennai, Trichy, Hosur, Salem & Karaikudi in addition to planned entry in new markets.

Apart from having diverse Multispecialty tertiary care expertise, Kauvery Hospitals house one of three 'Cardiac Centers of Excellence in South India' and the only one in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy).

In today's times where the healthcare industry is more and more commoditized, Kauvery Hospitals stands tall with its promise of making medical expertise and technology truly affordable with empathy and care at every stage of a person's healthcare needs.


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