Kauvery Hospitals adopt Artificial Intelligence for better detection and management of Covid-19

Accurate diagnosis and better management of Covid-19 gets a boost at Kauvery Hospitals, with Artificial Intelligence-based Quantification of Lung involvement in Covid Patients.

Chennai, 2nd June 2021: Kauvery Hospitals, one of India’s leading multispecialty chain of Hospitals, have been harnessing the power of AI to better detect and manage the disease in Covid-19 patients.

Chest CT scans are an integral part of the diagnosis and management of Covid-19. They help decide severity of the condition, which in turn helps physicians design the right course of treatment. However, this can be time-consuming as all the lung lobes must be carefully evaluated. In the process, interpreting chest CT scans accurately can be very subjective, which could potentially lead to misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatments.

It has helped the clinicians at Kauvery Hospitals to solve this problem efficiently and effectively. The Artificial Intelligence-based software provides critical information about overall lung involvement and lobe-wise CT Severity score. These critical insights help assess disease activity and progression.

According to Dr.Iyappan Ponuswamy, Medical Director and Chief Radiologist at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, “RT-PCR tests will detect if a person is infected or not, but a CT Scan would show the severity of Covid infection enabling triaging of patients so that maximum number of patients get benefitted during the pandemic. During the second wave of Covid-19 our hospital saw hundreds of patients walking in for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment. With only manual reporting, this sudden increase in number of cases might burden radiologists who report on them as they need a stipulated time to interpret CT scan reports.

The artificial intelligence software changed the game for us. It brought economies of scale and high precision into our diagnosis of Covid-19 infections, leading to better outcomes. It reduced turnaround time for radiology reports and patient waiting time, while helping physicians handle case-loads better.”

In addition to Covid-19, artificial intelligence in CT Chest is also an asset when it comes to nodule detection for early screening of lung cancer, assessment of interstitial lung diseases and emphysema. This is a game-changer to hospitals as it helps clinicians utilize resources more efficiently while reinforcing the hospital’s reputation for specialization.

Speaking on the AI, Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Co-founder and Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital Chennai says, “Innovations in the healthcare technology have been seeing a tremendous growth, and we see digital platforms being used to the maximum in tackling the pandemic. This AI tool, that has been built with an aim to ease the diagnosis and treatment for lung diseases and COVID-19, will help healthcare chains like ours in effectively managing the patient inflow, and reducing the burden on the experts. I urge the healthcare system to adapt to new technologies and encourage innovations which shall , in turn, ensure quality treatment for patients.”