Pacemaker implantation for a 64-Year-Old at Kauvery Hospital Heartcity

Advanced pacemaker implantation for the first time in Tamilnadu

~ The expert cardiologists at Kauvery Hospital Heartcity implanted a specialised pacemaker for a 64-year-old lady  for the first time in Tamilnadu

A 64-year-old lady presented to Kauvery Heartcity with breathlessness and giddiness. Upon diagnosis, she was confirmed to have a weak heart and electrical disconnection between the upper and lower chambers of the heart. (complete heart block) on 8/12/2020. She required a pacemaker but a usual pacemaker would worsen her already weak heart. Therefore, the experts at Kauvery Heartcity implanted a pacemaker with a special lead using a special technique exactly addressing the disconnected electrical circuit in order to improve the strength of her weak heart. (Physiological left bundle pacing). This is the first time this special technique is being performed in Tamilnadu without the intervention of an specialised electrophysiological(EP) equipments. This paves way for many other patients to receive this type of specialized pacemaker in all cardiology centres across TN even without EP laboratory.


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