Protecting Yourself from Dengue: Early Warning Signs and Prevention Tips

For the past few days, we are seeing enormous cases of dengue fever. Both children and adults are being affected. Dengue fever cases are on a surge globally, daunting everyone. Tamilnadu has the second highest number of cases in India. So let us know what actually Dengue means and how to safeguard ourselves.

What is Dengue?

It is a viral fever caused by one of the 4 strains of dengue virus i.e Dengue 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is transmitted by Aedes Mosquito which bites during the day.

How does Dengue present?

Its presentation varies from a mild form to a fatal form.

What is Dengue? -  How to prevent Dengue?

What are the signs?

Anyone with symptoms like fever, rash, headache, eye pain, tiredness, muscle pains, or joint pains should raise the suspicion of dengue.

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Can the patient be treated as outpatient?

Yes. Most of the cases are mild and can be managed at home.

What is the treatment?

There is no specific treatment for dengue. Take plenty of fluids. Don't self-medicate. There is no role of antibiotics in treating dengue fever. Close monitoring and good hydration alone is sufficient in most of the cases. It is not contagious and is completely curable. Currently no effective vaccine is available.

What are the danger signs?

Bleeding from nose or gums, pin point rashes, abdominal pain, persisting vomiting, cold hands and feet and decreased food intake. If you develop any of these danger signs, consult your doctor immediately

How to prevent Dengue?

A small bite is a big concern. Remove all stagnant water. Use mosquito repellents even during daytime, wear full sleeve protective clothing, place screens on doors and windows, use guppies in swimming pool and water tanks.


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