Toilets are notorious for increased risk of fall in the elderly. With their sense of balance already disturbed, the elderly are in a dangerous situation in toilets where the surface can be slippery. Also, when they go there in a just-awake state early in the morning in dim lighting, they tend to fall easily. In such cases a grab bar/safety rail by the side of toilet will be greatly useful to support the elderly. The rail should only be secured to a solid wall of brick or concrete construction. The height of the rail should be set at elbow height, when seated. These provide support when approaching or leaving the toilet. Foldable grab bars are available which projects at right angles to the wall and when not required it can be folded up against the wall, providing access for side transfer or assistance. While installing these grab bars, it is important to avoid concealed plumbing pipes and electrical wires while drilling holes for the screws.


Tips to prevent falls in elderly