‘Watch your steps’ is an expression that all of us are familiar with. It cautions us to be watchful, careful and to look out for things ahead of us. But the global mantra today is ‘Count your Steps’ – which, apparently, is the lifeline of health and happiness!

Few among us realize that good health can actually be acquired by ordinary means. Walking is a classic example. It is a simple exercise that can be performed even by aged people without the need for sophisticated equipment or props.

The benefits of walking are endless. Walking can reduce your chances of getting high BP, cholesterol and even diabetes. It is a fabulous mood enhancer, as it can produce the ‘happy hormones,’ Endorphins and reduce the levels of stress hormones. Besides, walking improves the density of your bones and provides you with better balance and coordination.


Walking is also a great way to reduce weight. But there are a few things that you need to know before you venture out with your walking shoes.

To burn 500 calories you need to take 10,000 steps a day. Walking for twenty minutes will provide you with 2000 steps, which also means that you’ve walked one mile! But do not let these numbers bother you. Here are some of tips that will motivate you to walk 10,000 steps every day.

1. Set moderate targets and get started

2. It is very important to stay committed to your walking regimen. Find means to stay motivated

3. Make yourself comfortable while you go for your daily walk. Wear loose clothes and comfortable shoes so that you’ll enjoy your daily walk

4. Use a pedometer. It is a device that counts each step that you take

5. Once you get started practice walking fast and with higher intensity. You must be able to hear yourself breathe while you walk

6. While going to office or while returning home get off the bus or train one stop ahead and walk home

7. While at the office try not to ping or email a colleague working in the same office. Instead, try to walk over to her desk and convey the message

8. Always try to use the stairs instead of the elevators

9. If you are meeting a friend, or going out on a date, try to go for a walk in a park or by the beach instead of merely sitting in a place and talking.

10. If you have a pet, always try to take it for a walk yourself instead of asking others to do it.

11. Try not to remain sedentary for too long. Learn to pace even while you are brushing your teeth or talking over the phone.

12. While watching TV, try to get up during the breaks and pace about.

13. You may forget to walk in-between your busy schedule. Always set reminders, at least till the habit is formed.