Kauvery Hospital | Patient Newsletters | April 2018

Dear Friends,
It's good to connect with you all again. As summer has arrived, it's the season to travel,enjoy and get together! Let us replenish ourselves and quench the thirst of the stifling summer.

We as humans never appreciate the useful and easily available resources of our life but pray for the rarely available and live for them.

Two atoms of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen that is WATER is a God given elixir of life.

Water is only available on our planet which makes earth the only planet which grants life. We never consider sipping water as it's easily available. The ancient Tamil scholars say "Alavuku minginal amurthamum nanju". Too much of anything is good for nothing but the only amurtham which can never become nanju is WATER, too much of water never becomes a waste to life. We can consume as much of water as we wish to THE MORE THE BETTER!

Many of us think twice to buy a bottle of water to quench our thirst but never think twice to buy bottles of carbonated drinks which contain harmful toxins.

In simple medical terms,the lack of water causes renal stones and urinary tract infections. These complications can be easily avoided just by drinking the right amount of water. Drinking plenty of water also prevents acne, pimples, and scars and also nourishes the skin. Headache and giddiness is also to the lack of drinking water regularly.

General tiredness which I think 85%of the entire population suffer from is due to the fact that we are not hydrated enough.Our skin ultimately loses its glow due to this.

Constipation is another major problem that most of us face. Though most people laugh about this issue, we only realise the pain when we face it. Constipation is only due to the lack of intake of water. Digestion also requires appropriate amount of water.

So I request each and every one of you to self-medicate yourselves. THAT IS HYDRATE YOURSELVES. Drink 6-8 litres of water when you are outdoor during summer. Consuming the right amount of water will prevent various health issues. So hydrate yourself well and stay healthy!

Dr. Kavitha S
Family Physician

Picture Gallery of Events in March 2018

Pride of Tamilnadu 2018 Award

Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital receiving the Pride of Tamilnadu 2018 award by Round Table of India.

The Hindu Doyens 2018 Award

Awards were given to 21 hospitals, including Kauvery Hospital, which provided excellent service in Tamil Nadu. Kauvery Hospital's Joint Managing Director Dr. S. Manivannan was presented the award by Honble Governor of Tamilnadu, Thiru Banwarilal Purohit. Kauvery Hospital also was honoured with the Multi Board award.

Self Defence Workshop

Kauvery Hospital in association with Women Police Officers from All-Women's police station, Mylapore organized a self defense programme for the employees and general public on March 11, 2018 at Nageswara Park, Mylapore. Around 100 women participated and benefited from this programme.

Women's Wellness Carnival

On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8th 2018, Kauvery Hospital organized Women's Wellness Carnival which consists of various health awareness activities like health talk , Workshops (First Aid, CPR, Mental health, Yoga, Meditation & Cultural Programmes) for the welfare of women. Around 150 women from neighborhood areas participated in various activities.

World Kidney Day

On the occasion of World Kidney Day on March 8th 2018 ,Kauvery Hospital organized awareness talk for general public. Around 50 people participated and benefited through the talk.

General Camp at Nageswara Park

General Camp was organized by Kauvery Hospital at Nageswara Park. Around 250 people were screened during the camp.


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