Good Day friends! As we enter the month of August, we are so excited to share our thoughts with all of you.

The month of August is a month of reunions, get togethers of families and friends. Its vacation time for people living abroad. August is eagerly awaited by elders here, looking forward to see their loved ones. Friends are happy to see their batch mates and refresh fond memories of their college days.

Let’s make this August a memorable time for our loving elders at home. They are so anxious that their children and grandchildren’s vacation at home should be comfortable.

They are busy extracting work from plumbers, carpenters and painters making their homes get a new look. But friends living abroad, please make them realize that you are coming back to your home and you are not a guest.

Make sure that your parents are relaxed at home. Try to help them out by taking them to places they like, sometimes elders like to talk and stay at home. Make sure you spend your valuable time at home. Most of us fail to do that. I have heard elders saying that they hardly get to see their children at home, during vacation too! Please don’t do that, spend quality time with them, eat with them and discuss important family matters which will ease their minds. Just shopping and spending money for them at this age will not make them happy. Ask them their problems – if anything is actually bothering them and try to sort it out, it could be problems with their health or it could be just mild family issues.

Finally, friends, please don’t coax them to travel back with you. Most importantly don’t separate them,. Don’t take either your mom or dad separately with you, they might not openly tell their feelings because they want their children to be happy. But you should think twice. By coaxing them they have sleepless nights. Let them make the decision of accompanying you back to your home.

Have a happy, healthy and wonderful August!

Dr. Kavitha S
Family Physician

Picture Gallery of Events in July 2018

Doctors Day Celebration

Rotary clubs of Chennai and Indian Medical Association (IMA) jointly hosted Doctors day celebration on the 28th of July 2018, at Tamil Nadu , Dr. MGR University Auditorium. In this august function, around 30 eminent doctors from Chennai were awarded for their selfless service to humanity. It was a grand function with an audience of over 300 people.


It was a proud moment for Kauvery hospital, as Dr. K P Suresh Kumar, Senior Cardiologist from Kauvery Hospital was awarded for his examplary work in the field of cardiology and Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, Neurologist from Kauvery, now, Rotary Club President, was also present to host the function.