Hello Readers,

We are delighted to connect with our enthusiastic readers every month.

Half a year has gone so fast can we believe that!

It is quite clear, that we have accepted the new normal lifestyle and are carrying on with our routine lives.

Isn’t it sort of funny, that before the pandemic started, we actually cribbed and fussed around, for no reason at all when we really had everything we needed?

Now however, even normal things are considered a luxury and we are longing to get them.

Life is always like an unread book with many untold adventures waiting to be discovered by us. Well, it’s high time we realise that what we consider as normal is actually a luxury too.

Friends we should feel thankful and blessed for all that we have as many of our brothers and sisters are still suffering out there during this crisis.

These few months in a short span we have actually learned, what life is actually about. It’s very clear.

I personally came across certain experiences in the last few months, which were very overwhelming. One such incident is that during this pandemic I actually saw the care and love the elders received. I am so proud and happy to see the bonding between elderly parents and their children. Although the children are busy with their lives, they did their best to take care of their unwell elders. This really moved my heart. Next was totally a different story.

A middle-aged couple who were tested COVID positive recovered in few weeks, but the wife was constantly complaining of some discomfort in the chest.

Well it was easy as doctors to just take a CT Computed Tomography of the chest to reassure her ,but since she hadn’t conceived so far and not wanting to expose any unnecessary radiation she was advised a urine pregnancy test first and as a benefit of the doubt, to their surprise the test came positive. Oh, my goodness the joy in the face of the couple with the tears in their eyes and gratitude towards us was really touching.

Dear readers, each and every patient is like an extended family member of Kauvery and we wish well for all of you. I am sure this love and affection will help in healing this universe quickly.

Readers have a great month ahead and as the world is moving toward digitalisation, this edition will surely give a broad outlook on the digital world and health aspects.

Do read and enjoy!

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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician