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This often makes me realize that when one puts the maximum effort and keeps one's thoughts positive, the end result will always be a tremendous growth. Everyone has a potential, but to recognise that potential, one needs to first believe in one's self even if failures come through.

As a family physician, I want to emphasize on self-worth, especially in youth and teenage. A feeling of low personality leads to low self-esteem and low productivity. One should remember you are your own fan club! But at the same time balance your thoughts so as to not let your ego take the upper hand.

Remember, life is giving us more than what we want. But your thoughts decide what you get. The universe is full of energy, it's just that you need to make use of it. We at K-Way aim to share our knowledge so that the readers’ physical and mental health both benefit.

August is here. Even before we realized, more than half the year has already gone by. Always remember to use, misuse, or abuse your potential is in your hands. Value your time and use it wisely rather than to feel unproductive.

This month highlights the importance of breastfeeding and various other important topics.

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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Doctors Day Celebration

National Doctors Day was observed on 1st July, by gathering all consultants and surgeons from Kauvery Hospital for a cake-cutting session. As a continuation of the Doctors' Day Celebrations, the doctors put together a month full of fun activities and competitions for the doctors, nurses and staff of Kauvery hospital Chennai. These events were meant to be to bring along the spirit of teamwork while unwinding from the mundane routines of the healthcare workers lives. It was to motivate creativity and gather fun memories via these fun activities. We, here at Kauvery believe that all work and no play makes jack dull person, hence this time we took our staff and doctors through a fun filled month's activities to re-energise themselves and to get geared up for the next day at work.

We had some events like:

1) Zumba workshop: it was a look and learn concept of a Zumba workshop on some of the catchy popular songs from Kollywood!

2) Adapt tune: We had 11 teams participate from different departments’ right from, doctors to HR - dancing to the tunes of various numbers which were a mix old classics to new hit numbers to dialogues from famous movies across all languages. it was spectacular to watch them groove in to the tunes on the spot!

3) Stand-up comedy: we had a theme of work life balance and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience having some of our top specialists - Dr Sundar, Dr Velmurugan and Dr Jyoti Basu participating in the event amongst other depts. making it a laughter riot for all of us based on the theme “work life balance". The star performer of that event was a total surprise package, Dr Sidharth (DMO).

4) Adzap: This was an event where the 7 teams were given a lot box from which they were to pick up one product. Using this product they had to create and advertisement and jingle to enhance the sale of the product. The products varied from parakum thodapam to mattai matrai! It was indeed a showcase of hidden talents amongst our doctors and staff.

This month's events witnessed a spectacular amalgamation of talent with great sense of humour and a very zealous team of doctors, nurses and other staff from different departments like senior consultants, radiology technicians, innovations team, housekeeping staff, security personnel, the dieticians, HR, secretaries participating in these events despite their busy schedules - making these events possible and memorable.

It was indeed perfect balance of fun and work to enhance overall productivity of an individual!!!

Launch of Infection Control Course for Nurses and Paramedics

Dr Aravindan Selvaraj Co-Founder and Executive Director of Kauvery Hospital Chennai inaugurated the program. Dr Suresh Venkata, GMD, Dr Iyyappan, Medical Director and Dr Vijayalaksmi, Consultant Infective Diseases and Dr Abirami gave an insight about the need of awareness about the course.

Launch of Infection Control Course for Nurses and Paramedics

Launch of Kauvery Heart Rhythm Services

Kauvery Hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery Group of Hospitals, a leading multispecialty healthcare chain in Tamil Nadu, successfully performed three life-saving procedures on a 55-year old woman with dangerous cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems). On the sidelines, Kauvery Group of Hospitals launched Kauvery Heart Rhythm Services for the first time in Tamil Nadu. A dedicated 24*7 helpline number to address patients with heart rhythm symptoms like palpitations, fainting spells, unconsciousness and survivors of sudden cardiac arrest.

Launch of Kauvery Heart Rhythm Services

Innovations - People


Quality Training

By Uma and Chan Innovations

‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember and involve and I learn’ by Benjamin Franklin Going by the quote, the training session for the nurses was conducted on 27th July 2022. The session had 31 participants and they were divided into 8 teams. Case sheets were given to them and they were supposed to audit the case sheet and write down the observation points. They also had to note down any interesting observations. The nurses came forward with the errors they were making. Initial assessments, done by the nurses, were discussed and they were taught what had to be documented and the importance of it. As part of the Quality Initiative, the ward with no documentation error will be given a rolling shield. This is the first step towards achieving it. A follow-up session with the same set of nurses is being planned.

~Dr. Kavitha, Quality

Hello, beautiful people! How are you all doing? My OH my...! It has been a quick month. The month of July somehow felt like the last ten minutes of a really good television show- you very well know that it’s about to end but just hate to see it go. If you’re new around here, our monthly snippets is a time to just chat about work happenings, things we're currently doing, and tons more with you. Here are a few pictures from July - our month in a snapshot. Here’s to an exciting, joyful, enjoyable, peaceful, and blessed month. Until next time… have a great August!


At Kauvery we strongly believe that idea-sharing drives passion, teamwork, innovation, and productivity. But creating a culture where idea sharing is routine doesn’t come naturally. We may need to encourage the process by recognizing the employees. We recently kick-started a program in which anyone who proposes an idea or a solution to an existing problem gets recognized. ~5S Team

Sharing of good 5S practices & Award Ceremony of 19th ABK – AOTS 5S Competition

Held on Friday, 15th July 2022 at Ramada Plaza Chennai

Training Program

Kauvery Emergency and Urgent Care Centre Inauguration

Our new Emergency and Urgent Care Centre was inaugurated on 27th July 2022 with world class infrastructure.

Padmashree Prof Dr Mohan Kameshwaran along with our Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr Aravindan Selvaraj inaugurated and graced this grand occasion.

Kauvery aims to give the best of health care services and we wish our Emergency physicians, Dr Aslesha Sheth, Dr Udaya Bhaskara Kumar, Dr Vidya Saketharaman, Dr Karunakaran Vetri, Dr T Niveanthini Arun, along with their experienced team of nursing and paramedic staff, who have been the pillars of the hospital through all the challenging times to have the strength and courage at all times and to provide the best clinical service to the patients.


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