Kauvery Hospital | Patient Newsletters | December 2018

Hello friends!
Welcome to the December edition of K Way.

Yes! It's December already ... Doesn't it feel like it was just Jan 2018. The year has gone by so fast, even before we realised it.

There is a famous quote, "HOW DID IT GET SO LATE SO SOON?" Well, that's so apt for December! TIME FLIES!! 11 months have flown away!!!

Friends, have you heard the terms, "Time is priceless, Time is precious, or Time is irreversible"?

All true ... But let me add another one - "TIME IS REALISATION"

"...SO realise that and thank God for all the blessings in your life. Little do we realise the pain and strain taken by our parents to raise us. Little do we realise the amount of love shown to us by our family and friends. Little do we realise the help extended to us by our maids and drivers. Little do we realise how much of the fun and frolic from our children we miss. Life just goes on without us realising all these things. Sometimes we don't even realise how grateful we should be for the health we have. We only crib about unnecessary things. How wonderful it is to get up in the morning and realise that we can smile. That, in itself, is a blessing!!! Once this Realisation is achieved, life becomes so simple and so much more happy.

The month of December also has a small message for us.

It's a time of Thanksgiving. Thank everyone around you who have contributed in some way in your lives. It can even be a vegetable vendor who walks and delivers quality vegetables to you.

The other message is that we all have ups and downs in our lives. Sometimes it may feel like it, but it isn't the end of everything. Even the end of the year is celebrated joyously because it is the beginning of the new year. So, don't lose hope. Achieving Realisation and Thanksgiving this Christmas will definitely bring about a positive vibration around you.

Have a wonderful December!

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician

Picture Gallery of Events in November 2018

Children's Day Celebrations

The newly added unit of Kauvery Women and Children Centre celebrated Children's day on 14th November 2018, organised by Dr. Pushkala.M.S., our Consultant Pediatrician. The entire arena wore a festive look with colour balloons hanging from every corner. To mark the event, a colouring competition was organised for the toddlers and children who visited the OPD. Many children participated and the competitive spirit was highly prevalent. In appreciation, prizes were given to those who distinguished themselves with their unique talent. The smiles witnessed on their faces amply proved that they enjoyed every second of the day and has left a long lasting impression in their minds. The event turned out to be a grand success!!!

Hospital visit by students from Sacred Heart

The students of Sacred Heart, Church Park got interesting insights into imaging techniques, laboratory investigations and practical applications of science during their educational hospital tour at Kauvery Hospital. Dr. Iyappan, Consultant Radiologist, Dr. Ilakya Illavarasan, Consultant Pathologist, Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam, Family Physician and Dr. Yamini Kannappan, Consultant Pychiatrist educated the students through the tour.

World Diabetes Day Celebrations - November 14, 2018


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