Dear Readers

As we approach the 12th month of this year, we do realise that time has repeatedly taught us, the simple lesson that it is not going to wait for us!!!

This year would have brought in happiness, sorrows, winners, losers, marriages and breakups, love and hate, births and deaths. A year brings all kinds of emotions to a family. A New Year is something we look forward to, like an unread book!! Isn’t it? Even though we try to foretell the future it’s still a hidden mystery!

What I would like to share this month is that, when we approach towards the end of something, like for example, the end of a game, or the end of an academic year we are put to certain tests, to judge where we stand. Similarly towards the end of the year we need to take the time and judge ourselves, whether we have used our time wisely and to our satisfaction. And how we can correct ourselves in the coming New Year.

You might have won a few battles and lost a few. It really doesn’t matter. All successful people have tasted failures somewhere in their lives. So always stay positive! Well don’t we sometimes use the phrase, “Don’t worry it’s not the end of life. You can do it”

Yes we all have come across that phrase. Be it the end of a movie or a show our minds are tuned to see a happy ending and we feel so good after experiencing a happy ending. Don’t we??

Likewise during old age all that people pray for, is a happy ending wherein they are not a burden to anyone. But friends, trust me, the most dreaded feeling in old age is longevity of life coupled with loneliness rather than the real end. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s senior citizens, aren’t they? None of us can escape from ageing. So this year end, let’s all take a pledge that life needs liveliness not loneliness!! Let us, as much as possible try to bring togetherness and eradicate loneliness! Let’s make it the resolution for our coming year.

Have a great month ahead!


Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician


Kauvery Hospital Chennai hosted a one-day camp for diabetic patients, as part of its newly launched diabetes awareness program – DISHOOM DISHOOM DIABETES! Participants received a free consultation of vitals, blood sugar, and eye check-up, Biothesiometry examination and Obesity and Diet Counselling. The participants also received Diabetes-friendly food recipes and a free session of Yoga and Zumba was conducted for them. The patients also availed of an opportunity to purchase diabetes footwear, socks, and glucometer at discounted prices. Over 250 participants took part in the event and won attractive prizes for different contests that were held throughout the day. Additionally, a book titled ‘Diabetes Wellness’, written by Dr. Baraneedharan, Consultant Diabetologist was launched during the event.

The highlight of the event included an enlightening panel discussion about diabetes management which also included a friendly interactive session among the doctors and patients, answering many common queries about the misconceptions of diabetes and its treaments.