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July 1st is celebrated as Doctors' Day in India. We, at Kauvery, wish all the doctors a very HAPPY DOCTORS’ Day!!!

This month, let us take a minute, to look at the wonderful work that doctors do, and applaud the hard journey they take, to get to, where they are now.

The medical profession is recognized and awarded with the adjective “NOBLE” to it and a DOCTOR ...is a very special person. "The one-day relationship becomes a lifelong friendship"! We earn the utmost respect from the society, and is seen at par with GOD. Dear doctors, let us continue to do our noble work with our vision and mission focussed on the benefit of the society, as we always do!

Well, the committed days of a doctor, starts right from when they are teenagers. When all other teens are busy enjoying themselves, the ones trying to get into medical school are under the pressure of getting high school marks, entrance exams and the peer pressure of getting a college admission. This comes with sleepless nights and sacrifices that start at a mere 17 years of age.

Doctors spend the entire day looking after patients and are vulnerable to the viruses and bacteria lingering in the hospital. They attend to very ill patients without showing any hesitation or fear in their faces. They change the dressing of festering wounds which even the patient’s kith and kin might think twice to touch!

And that is not all ....After completing years at medical school, doctors still have a long way to go. But all that toil is worth, to see a patient smile! Every doctor wants their patient to get well and go back home healthy and happy.

But in recent times there are rumbles, at the, Doctor -Patient interface which is causing concern.

But factors are far beyond the control of doctors, and fall within the domain of public health, for which the government and the society are equally responsible.

For example,

Deteriorating sanitation and environmental hygiene are contaminating our water and food.

Dangerous viral fevers that are transmitted through mosquitoes are posing life threatening challenges.

Road traffic accidents take a huge toll on life due to several reasons like drunken driving, using cell phones while driving, under age driving, and finally, not obeying traffic rules.

Today poor life style choices cause heart attacks and strokes at a younger age.

Smoking, alcohol, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary life style is the main reason of many non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, chronic kidney disease, chronic respiratory disease, cancer and dementia.

These conditions can be controlled but not often cured.

It is not fair to blame the medical profession for all the problems. It is time to set right the primary causes of these problems and work towards preventing them.

It is time to consider the doctor as a valued friend, philosopher and guide and partner with him for protecting and preserving your health.

On this Doctors Day let us cherish, enrich and celebrate this partnership.

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician

Launch of Project "Thalirgal"

For the 1st time in India, the Government of Tamilnadu, Rotary International and Kauvery Hospital have gotten together to create a project to provide free treatment to babies born with congenital brain and spine disorders in the low income group. This unique project aims to reduce the infant mortality ratio and serious morbidity and disabilities of babies in the state. The project includes surgery, post-operative care, follow-up, rehabilitation until the age of 16 and the education of doctors and nurses along with creating public aware of the problem. The Rotary Club of Madras North and the Rotary Foundation have contributed Rs. 50 lakhs.

A pilot project which successfully treated 39 infants has already been completed. The initiative, named Thalirgal or Germination was launched on June 21st, 2019 by the Honourable Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Dr. C Vijayabaskar and the Rotary Foundation Trustee Rtn. Gulam A Vahanvaty. Government institutions will identify babies needing surgery and perform pre-operative investigations. After that, the babies will be taken to Kauvery Hospital for surgery. Once surgery has been performed, the babies will either remain at Kauvery Hospital for post-operative care or be taken back to the Government institutions they came from. Post-operative care will continue until the age of 16.

Speaking about the project, Dr. G Balamurali, Senior Consultant Spine and Neurosurgeon, Kauvery Hospital said, “Through this project, various congenital abnormalities of the spine can be treated. With the support of Kauvery Hospital management, Government funds from schemes and grants from Rotary Club of Madras North we have operated on 39 babies free of cost. The complex operations, which require a team of specialists, have been very successful. The babies are usually low birth weight (1.5 – 2.5 kgs), pre term (8-9 months) and are in a very critical condition. If timely intervention is not done, we are likely to lose them. The Public – Private Partnership to deal with these problems is a very positive initiative to use expertise and advanced facilities to benefit patients. India requires such a model. With funds that we have received from Rotary, we can make a difference not just to the babies but also to their families and in turn, to our community.”

Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive director of Kauvery Hospital said “Kauvery hospital has been a pioneer in delivering the best of the healthcare by leveraging on the advancement of medical sciences. We firmly commit ourselves that these advanced surgical treatments be available to all sections of the society, including the underprivileged. Kauvery is proud to partner with Tamil Nadu Government and Rotary Club of Madras North for this noble cause.”

Past District Governor Rtn PDG Olivannan of the Rotary Club of Madras North said that “The Rotary Club of Madras North, in the first phase of this noble project would be doing surgeries for approximately 70 babies. This mammoth project was largely funded by The Rotary Foundation and Rotary Clubs across the world.”

Dr. Arasar Seeralar who very recently retired as the Director of Institute of Child Heath, Tamilnadu Government, and who initiated this project on behalf of the Government said ”Anomalies of the spinal cord and brain were a neglected group of congenital conditions with no hope for survival and quality life. Our Honourable Health Minister wanted that every baby born should be ensured survival and leading a productive life. The neurosurgeons at Kauvery Hospital are willing to give comprehensive new born care and surgery free of cost to these babies. Many babies were operated on by the team headed by Dr.G. Balamurali at Kauvery Hospital with excellent results. It is really heartening to know that more babies born with this defect are going to get a chance to live a positive life.

This project is the first step in addressing a large problem and volunteer support in various areas is required and those interested are requested to contact us. Paediatricians, Neonatologist, Obstetrician and maternity centres who do not have access to a Neurosurgeon with interest in paediatric spine problems and cannot treat such babies in the low income group, are requested to refer these patients to this project which can change the lives of these children for the better.

Help Line no: +91 87544 56711.

International Yoga Day 2019


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