Hello Readers!!!

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With the scorching sun outside, this summer was flooded with Vitamin D levels, but one should be aware of the heat and take precautions to prevent a sun stroke!!! YES this summer was a global warning because we ignored GLOBAL WARMING!!! Let’s keep in mind to reduce the usage of plastic friends. We rather liked to stay indoors and enjoy the cool air-conditioned weather. In fact I feel that the attendance at the AC office will be 100% this summer (Ha! Ha!) Yes, because at least to stay cool indoors. But friends in most places the air conditioner is not kept for cooling ourselves, but for the fact that certain machines work efficiently at that temperature.

Don’t you feel it kind of funny?? “Man” gives more time, importance and concern for machines than his own brotherhood.

Phones have become the family for the present generation ….its looks like they can’t even lead a life without it!!!! At times we too give importance to money and materials ….for example If the driver damages the car, That’s it!! He is fired. Why!!??

That’s because we feel we have spent a few lakhs from our hard earned money to buy the car and so, we make sure it is safe. Then what about our children….. ‘Life” came from our parents and children were born. Both of these are Nature’s creation, so I guess it is taken for granted. !!!!We don’t spend time for ourselves and our family. Just sit back and think. Is there anything more ‘precious’ than our lives and our children. If any damage is done to their health can we bear it??? Definitely NOT. So please enjoy this lovely life of yours. Encourage and teach your children to love and care for themselves. Be friendly to them BUT remember you are not a Friend!! Being friendly is different from being a friend ….Parents need to be parents… Don’t give in to all their demands ….That’s not the way to prove your affection…. Spend quality time to reboot their energy levels and help them to understand how important it’s to stay happy and healthy. Never forget a happy mind breeds a healthy body. It’s definitely a difficult task in this gadget world but it’s high time we realise our responsibility as Parents.

Enjoy the art of parenting.