Hello dear readers,

KWay June edition is happy to celebrate, along with all parents out there, the International Parents day today!

Today is a very special day.

Where would this world be, without parents?

Can we imagine a life without parents?

Or a life without an opportunity for parenting?

The word 'orphan' hurts us deeply even as we say it.

One cannot imagine a deeper and darker hole in life than the black hole that sucks in the orphan.

Every child is a blessing and anyone can take the role of a parent to mould a child, with innate and natural parenting skills.

Parenting is not an imitation game or a competitive exercise.

It is an outpouring of one’s heart, mind and soul into shaping the life of a child, to give it a memorable past, an enjoyable present and an exciting future.

Most parents try hard to give their child their best.

But, at times, the best turns out to be not good enough.

What they do or don’t do well, are often not easy to understand.

Some want to give their children what they missed in their childhood. Often this is may lead to children getting what they do not need.

Some turn out to be disciplinarians. They may feel that they made the child strong. But deep cracks develop slowly in the mind.

It is a bonding that builds the parent - child relationship, brick by brick, that helps the child to build a bulwark that can weather the storms that come battering the fragile ship of life.

Parents need to be the first friend so that the child thinks of them first to talk to, when they need.

Parents and children losing communication is the greatest tragedy that can happen in a family.

Parenting moulds every child to be responsible for their thoughts and actions, and to learn to live their independently, with confidence and dignity.

Parents are the only ones to who a son or daughter can return to, at any age, to be a child again.

A time comes when parents shall become like children and need to be taken care of. That is the cycle of life.

Ageing has now become a night mare - of chronic diseases, loneliness, depression and dementia. They pose a huge challenge to members of today’s nuclear families. Yet, we should do what we must.

As a family physician I say that parenting is a fine art.

All parents dream that their heart-felt works of art would rise to become monuments of tomorrow.

Happy Parents Day!!!

Have a great month ahead.

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Global Day of Parents 2020

Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Senior Family Physician

Highlights @ Kauvery

Hello lovely readers,

By Uma & Chan

We are absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share our monthly experiences with all of you. As members of the service excellence team, we come into contact with numerous patients, each one incredibly precious. However, there was a particular patient whose impact on us was beyond anything we could have imagined! We feel compelled to remember and honor this extraordinary individual by recounting his remarkable journey.

Every morning, we embark on our rounds, aiming to connect with patients on a deeper level and assist them with any challenges or concerns they may be facing. Amongst the many individuals we encountered, there was a 70-year-old gentleman who stood out. When we first met him, he wore a heavy sadness on his face. Concerned for his well-being, I approached him and asked if everything was alright. At that moment, tears welled up in his eyes. Moved by his vulnerability, I took a seat beside him, gently held his hand, and simply stayed present with him.

  • After a few moments, he mustered the strength to share his sorrow. He spoke of reminiscing about his past and the days of glory he had experienced, while also reflecting on how he had come to find himself in his current situation. Intrigued, I encouraged him to tell me about those extraordinary times he held dear. And so, he began to unravel his captivating journey—an incredible tale of starting in India, then venturing to Germany where he worked as a professor of humanities and social sciences for over a decade. Eventually, he returned to one of the top institutes in India, serving as an adjunct professor.
  • Throughout his stay with us, he generously shared numerous stories. He spoke of his deep love for his wife, engaging in discussions about international politics, reveling in memories of his students, and finding joy in laughter over silly anecdotes. There were days when we delved into spirited debates on various humanities topics! Even as his health deteriorated, he continued to fight with astonishing grace and dignity, all the while spreading his infectious energy to everyone within the hospital. Truly, there was so much wisdom to be learned from him.
  • Firstly, he taught us the strength found within vulnerability. Despite enduring immense physical pain and facing numerous health challenges, he understood that it was perfectly alright to shed tears and express his emotions openly. In a world where displaying vulnerability is often considered a sign of weakness, he showed us that it takes immense courage to be authentic and let others witness our deepest emotions. We provided him with a safe space where he didn't have to put on a brave face all the time. Instead, he felt comfortable enough to share his fears, allowing us to support and offer him solace.
  • Secondly, he showed us the profound appreciation he had for every single moment of each day. Our daily routine began with asking him, "How are you feeling today, Sir?" And without fail, he would respond with infectious enthusiasm, saying, "I'm fantastic! I woke up today, I'm alive, and I had my cup of coffee. Despite the pain, I'm alive!" His unwavering gratitude for life's simplest pleasures left an indelible mark on us, reminding us to cherish every breath we take.
  • Moreover, our interactions with him and the stories he shared underscored the immense power of nurturing relationships. Through his example, we witnessed firsthand how human connections triumph over everything else. It's through these bonds that we find solace, strength, and a profound sense of belonging.
  • Lastly, he taught us the importance of gratitude for the small joys in life. To lift his spirits, we came together as a team and created a personalized handwritten card, signed by everyone involved in his care. Knowing that he was fluent in German, we enlisted the help of our dear friend Google Translator to translate the messages for us. He went on and on for days overjoyed about the little card. It brought him immense joy. His wife later informed us that the card still sits framed by his bedside, a cherished memento of our shared bond.

Though he may no longer be with us, his memory lives on within the hearts of everyone at Kauvery. We have learned immeasurable lessons from his remarkable journey, and it is our sincerest hope that his story will inspire all of you as well.

BLS and First Aid Training for Greater Chennai Corporation Officials

On the occasion of World Emergency Medicine Day. Kauvery Hospital and Restart Heart Foundation organised a Basic Life Support and First Aid Training Program for Greater Chennai Corporation Officials - Zone 9. The workshop was provided by the Department of Emergency Medicine at Kauvery Hospital to over 200 officials.

Launch of Basic Trauma Life Support Course

In order to educate and upskill the clinical staff, Kauvery Hospital has also launched Basic Trauma Life Support Course through its internal Learning Model platform- KOACH. This course is designed to keep doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff at the forefront of life-saving techniques and procedures, reinforcing the hospital's commitment to excellence in emergency care. This will be supplemented by periodic workshops by Emergency Team to keep the team updated on the latest developments in Trauma and Disaster Management.

Nurses Day Celebration

The International Nurses Day Celebration 2023 was celebrated to honor and recognise the unwavering commitment and support the nurses provide towards patient care.

Say hello to our new Kauverians!

Keep your eyes peeled because you're definitely going to see them around. Don't be shy, say hello - they're a lively and vibrant group that would love to get to know you.

Nursing Team Training


Fire & Safety Training by Safety team

Lupus Symposium 2023

Kauvery Hospital organised a symposium on Lupus, with faculties from across the city. The session had interesting case-based discussions, clinical advancements and a quiz on Lupus.

A session for Moms to Be

Pregnancy and Postnatal Care are the most important yet beautiful phases of life. Maa Kauvery, Women and Children Care of Kauvery Hospital organised a session to provide the "Moms to be" with insights on Hospital bag essentials, the role of spouse during pregnancy and labour, breastfeeding practices and nutrition. Moms along with their family members attended the session.

A session for Moms to Be

Fire & Safety Training by Safety team


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