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Don’t miss the “She Speaks” section on each article page. The women work force at Kauvery join hands to share their wishes on women's day from their perspective

This edition unveils certain medical ailments frequently encountered in the outpatient clinics.

Dr Kartik talks about pain relief which is a common complaint in most of our senior citizens.

Dr Murali shares his valuable insights and clears your doubts on Gall stones.

Sometimes it’s just neglected and taken for granted that our body needs NO REST and NO SLEEP.....Sorry you are in serious trouble then. Dr Yamini and Dr Lakshmi describe the importance of sleep.

Dr Meena has cleared the myths in Obstetrics.

The Video Corner showcases Kauvery’s 20 years of trusted service and the touching speech by our Managing Director Dr Manivannan Selvaraj who shares his experiences about the journey and growth of Kauvery Hospital.

March 14th is World Kidney Day. Dr. R. Balasubramaniyam, Nephrologist, Kauvery Hospital shares his insights regarding Kidney Transplant.

Dr Rakesh has shared his, “beyond medical experience” with us this month. It’s just amazing! Don’t miss reading it.

Mrs Lavanya has given a mouth-watering, exotic healthy soup recipe.

Look into our gallery for the events of the past month.

Last but not the least the poetry corner! Our talented doctors also seem to have a Bharathiyaar or Bharathidasan inside them! Don’t miss Dr Vel’s and Dr Sabeeha’s poems. Dr Sukumar has dedicated an awesome poem for the women doctors at Kauvery. Thank you so much Sir!

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Picture Gallery of Events in February 2019

Support Group Meeting for Women with Epilepsy

Kauvery Hospital hosted a Support Group Meeting for Women with Epilepsy on 11th February 2019 on ‘International Epilepsy Day’ between 4.30 & 6.00 pm @ 7th Floor Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. This meeting was conducted by Dr. Prithika Chary, Senior Consultant Neurologist, Neurosurgeon and Chief Neurologist in association with ABHAYA, a support group started by EPICENTTRE (Epilepsy Institute & Centre for Treatment, Training, Research & Education) functioning in Kauvery Hospital since 2012. EPICENTTRE was started on March 9th 1994 by Dr.Prithika Chary.

An interactive session was the highlight of the meeting. This panel discussion analysed various issues and problems faced by women with epilepsy, addressed misconceptions, avenues to support and created awareness on how women with epilepsy can lead a normal life. Following doctors from Kauvery Hospital addressed the panel:

Dr. Prithika Chary (Senior Consultant Neurologist & Neurosurgeon & Chief Neurologist)

Dr. Sivarajan Thandeswaran (Senior Consultant Stroke and Neurovascular Medicine)

Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran (Consultant Neurology and Neurophysiology)

The aim of the support group meeting is to encourage patients and families to break free from the stigma around epilepsy and discuss the various issues that they face in their day-to-day life as a patient with epilepsy.

A Fun Interactive Therapy For People With Dementia

Kauvery Hospital organized a special support group meeting for people with Dementia along with their caretakers on the 27th of February, 2019 (Wednesday). The events aim was to introduce Music therapy to the people with dementia, to help in improving their memory and cognitive skills.

The meeting provided a platform for caretakers to share their experiences on taking care of a patient with dementia and create awareness on how people with dementia can lead a life with dignity and quality. The session was curated and hosted by Dr. Bhuvaneshwari Rajendran, Consultant Neurology and Neurophysiology, along with the following doctors from Kauvery Hospital:

Dr. Prithika Chary (Senior Consultant Neurologist & Neurosurgeon& Chief Neurologist)

Dr. Sivarajan Thandeswaran (Senior Consultant Stroke and Neurovascular Medicine)

Dr. Yamini Kannappan (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Dr. Sujatha Velmurugan (Consultant Psychiatrist)

The session also included mind stimulating games and a music therapy workshop which was conducted by Vikram Kannan, a professional Music Therapist. The therapy included three activities such as group singing, drumming and chanting/relaxation exercises for the participants as music is known to have therapeutic effects.

She Speaks
Special thoughts from the female work force of Kauvery for March 8th, Women’s Day.
  • Dr Nalini Aravindan

    Its a privilege to be a woman. Lets celebrate this woman’s day by supporting, encouraging and being there for the women around us.

    Mrs. Nalini Aravindan Selvaraj

  • Dr Jeyabharathy

    Today is International Women's Day. A woman faces all challenges in life be it at work or home... she has the patience to listen, to understand the strength to take everything and put on a smile..she makes the home and world a wonderful place to live she should be treated with respect and love... and make sure you all do it..Happy Women's Day.

    Dr. Jayabharathy, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Rohini

    As we take on more and more responsibilities, it’s important that as women we take care of ourselves. Put yourself first this time bae (before anyone else).

    Dr. Rohini, Senior Resident Officer


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