Welcome to the May 2017 edition of Kauvery Health and Wellness Newsletter

Summer is here and the mercury is rising by the day. This time, take precautions to ensure there are no emergencies due to the heat, for which children and elderly are more vulnerable. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices, tender coconut, and electrolyte replacements to avoid dehydration. Install a weather app in your mobile to check when the temperature is going to peak and avoid travel during that time. If there is any heat emergency, perform first aid and rush the patient to the nearest hospital.

April was a month of several complex surgeries which were successful. A large tumour was removed from the back of the spine of a 12-day old baby. The tumour was detected during the 20th week of the pregnancy. Kauvery’s highly experienced Spine and Neurosurgeons, Paediatric Surgeons, Paediatric Anaesthesiologist and a state-of-the-art Paediatric ICU were involved in the surgery and post-operative cure. Pre-operative workup with MRI, blood tests including tumor markers were done to study the case thoroughly. Thereafter, Kauvery’s team of surgeons and paediatric anaesthetists performed the surgery for seven hours and successfully removed the entire tumor, with very minimal blood loss.


Two young boys, who were diagnosed with congenital kidney diseases, underwent kidney transplantation successfully, using the organs donated by their mothers. The transplants cost Rs 5 lakh each. We are willing to do kidney transplants in children under the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme, as a social welfare measure.


We launched our Diabetic Foot-care Center on World Health Day which will cater to the growing diabetic population in our community with specialist plastic surgery, vascular surgery facilities and preventive care. Special footwear for a diabetic foot will also be made available, right at our hospital, from next month.


We launched our new outpatient complex in the basement last month to serve our walk-in patients. The new OP complex has modern consultation suites, physiotherapy, neuro-lab and diagnostic services. Correct diagnosis is the first step towards the right treatment, which is why we are upgrading our diagnostic services. Shortly, we will be adding advanced CT and MRI scanners to our wide array of diagnostic tools to deal with difficult-to-diagnose illnesses.

We wish you all a happy vacation and good health this summer.