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It has always been a pleasure to connect with all of you! Kauvery family hopes and wishes that all of you are hale and hearty especially during these tough times. We can all congratulate ourselves as we have maintained self-discipline and have helped in ensuring social distancing so that our health care system is not overloaded. Thank you for staying home and staying safe!

Though it has been a tough month, we have shown unity to resolve fighting this virus but it does not mean this unforeseen situation has come to an end. In fact, this is just the beginning. However, there is no need to panic. All of us need to show courage and positivity and face this situation with strength and determination. Of course, our Government and healthcare systems are trying their level best to safeguard everyone. But the hard truth is that this is going to go on for some more months. I humbly request all of you to continue practicing social distancing and ensuring cleanliness and hygiene even after the lockdown ends.

This pandemic has made all of us realize how important hygiene is. When HIV was first diagnosed in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the whole world was alarmed as there was no cure for it. To ensure the safety of medical personnel and patients, sterilization of instruments, usage of disposables (earlier there were no disposable instruments and needles were boiled and reused) and other safety measures were all brought into practice. It was indeed a tough time but we all came out of it stronger and more resilient. Now immunodeficiency virus patients lead a normal life and also deliver children like normal mothers do but it has taken its time. So, let us all take heart and believe that this pandemic too will be overcome!

Just like how HIV taught us the importance of safety in physical relationships, coronavirus has taught us that basic sanitation methods should be prioritized. The price that we have paid to be taught this lesson is indeed huge but let us learn the importance of hygiene from this pandemic. I am sure that we will overcome this phase!

Please do not lose hope and do consult doctors when you are unwell. This month’s newsletter too focuses on such articles. Do read and enjoy!


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Dr. Kavitha Sundaravadanam
Family Physician

Creative Thinking

This lock down has actually helped in revealing the hidden talents of many. It has given us the time to try out what we have always wanted to do, yet could not, due to lack of time. Be it singing, dancing, painting, writing, cooking or indeed anything else, people now have the time to explore all these activities. In-fact many of us may probably discover that we are extraordinary poets, artists, dancers, singers, etc. during this phase!

This page brings to you the hidden talents of many of our well-wisher patients at Kauvery. These hobbies and talents not only occupy one’s mind but they also provide relief from anxiety and give happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Each one of us have something to share with this world! Please do share your talents with us during this lockdown period.

Doctors too recommend creative activities, be it writing stories or poems, learning to cook, attempting to draw, etc. These activities will help in keeping all of us mentally fit and turn what could be a lockdown period into a pleasant one.

You can begin by listening to this beautiful song composed and sung by our well-wisher and kway reader Mrs Sujatha Jaishankar.

Do listen and enjoy!


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