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Dear friends! We the members of Kauvery Family wish each and every one of you a very Happy and Safe Deepavali!

2018 is bidding farewell in two months! Did we ever realize that November has already come? Time flies, friends! Every one of us is busy and so is time. Well the time we have spent is not going to come back. Let us enjoy each and every moment of our lives. It’s difficult to make every moment special but we take time to make most of our moments memorable.

Health was wealth for our ancestors, but nowadays wealth is saved to spend on health issues. Why?

Take time to think.What are we all going to do for our children, the next generation?

Let’s take a resolution for 2019. Let’s make our home free of plastic by not ordering fast food especially in plastic containers.

Let’s say 'No' to artificial juices, packaged foods, and ready to eat foods.

Food and Air are the main natural resources which enter a man’s body. If that gets polluted, of course the damage is irreversible.Let’s encourage children to eat healthy food.Let us make a healthier generation than a wealthier generation.

We want everything to be done in a fast manner. But can we achieve everything quickly? "NO"

Think! Babies can be delivered only after 9 months. If we think we can deliver them in 2-3 months will they survive? Everything takes its own time to succeed. So work hard, be ambitious, but don’t compare your life with others. Let us be satisfied and teach our children to follow the same.

Let 2019 be a big change in our life.

Dr. Kavitha S
Family Physician

Picture Gallery of Events in October 2018

Kauvery Women & Children Centre

Kauvery Women & Children Centre was launched on 19/10/2018 at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. This centre will provide holistic care exclusively for women & children.

The International Spine and Spine Injuries Conference (ISSICON 2018)

ISSICON 2018 was inaugurated by the Honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu Thiru. Banwarilal Purohit.

Tik-Talk with Shruthi Haasan - ISSICON 2018 witnessed interesting workshops and panel discussions, including a special interaction about Spine Rehabilitation with Actor and Singer Shruthi Hassan.

ISSICON Press Meet (Press meet of the The International Spine and Spinal Injuries Conference, 2018) which is hosted for the first time in Chennai.


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